The Greatest Champion! – Olympics Lesson & Activities

The Greatest Champion! – Olympics Lesson & Activities


The Greatest Champion!

This Olympics-themed lesson uses the true story of Olympic champion Eric Liddell to introduce children to Jesus Christ – the greatest champion of all time. Through this exciting story of one of the fastest men on earth, Children will learn that Jesus is our champion who won the ultimate victory on our behalf so that we can be saved from sin and live victoriously for God’s glory. This free lesson is a great way to use the Olympic Games or any sports event, to introduce children to the greatest champion in the universe.

This free digital download includes printable illustrations of the Eric Liddell story, Olympic craft and game ideas, a memory verse, song ideas, a coloring page, and PPT slides. This exciting story has been adapted from “Eric Liddell: Running God’s Race”, a 6-part story for kids. For more information, ideas, and pictures to help you share this story with children, download this free missionary story today.


This lesson will be delivered as a digital PDF file and a PPT slideshow presentation. For best results, use a computer (not a phone or other mobile device) to download and save these large files.

Big Idea: Jesus is the greatest champion!

Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Lesson Excerpt:

Do: Show pictures of various Olympic events and have the children pretend to do each sport as you ask if they think you could win the gold medal in each event.

Say: I can’t win these contests, but imagine that the greatest Olympic champions in the world offered to compete in my place to win the gold for me. Do you think they could do it? Having a great champion compete in my place is the only way I could ever win a gold medal. This reminds me of what Jesus did for us.

Do: Read 1 Corinthians 15:55-58 from the Bible. Read verse 57 from the visual.

Say: Sin and death are way too powerful and terrible for me to beat them on my own, I needed a great champion to win the victory over sin and death for me. Jesus is the great champion who beat sin by being completely perfect. He always said no to sin and did what was right. Jesus beat death by letting himself be killed and then raising himself from the dead and living forever. We can’t do this alone, so Jesus did it in our place. When we believe in Jesus, he gives us victory over sin and death so that we can have something much greater than all the gold medals in the world – eternal life with God! We should thank Jesus for being our great champion who saves us from sin and gives us life with God that lasts forever.

Do: Say the verse together while pretending to compete in Olympic events, such as running, jumping, swimming, skiing, weightlifting, etc. Watch the “Thanks Be To God” music video and sing along to help children remember the verse.

Say: What’s your favorite sport? I want to tell you about about someone who was really good at sports. His name was Eric Liddell. Even when he was young, Eric loved to run really fast. He was great at sports and could run faster than any other boy in school. When he grew up, his friends began encouraging him to sign up for races because he was the fastest person they knew. So Eric began running races and soon he was winning all of them! But as much as Eric loved running, there was something he loved even more. Can you guess what it was? Eric loved Jesus most of all! He knew that Jesus is the greatest champion of all time! What’s the Big Idea? Jesus is the greatest champion! Eric knew that Jesus was the one who made him really fast and he wanted to honor him with his talent. Let’s pretend to race like Eric while we learn why Jesus is the greatest champion.


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