Nate Saint: God’s Jungle Pilot

Nate Saint: God’s Jungle Pilot


Nate Saint: God’s Jungle Pilot

This missionary story introduces children to the creative and courageous jungle pilot who gave his life to help others hear about Jesus. Nate Saint’s service as a jungle pilot enabled other missionaries to share the love of Jesus with many who had never heard. Nate’s ideas and inventions made missionary aviation safer for pilots and passengers. His story has inspired thousands of missionaries to go into all the world with the gospel. Nate Saint loved flying airplanes, inventing, and fixing things, but above all, he loved Jesus and joyfully laid down his life for the sake of the gospel.

Kids will enjoy the fascinating real-life stories and learn that God has a purpose for their lives as you teach them about this jungle pilot who took apart and rebuilt his parent’s car as a child and went on to rebuild and repair airplanes in the remote jungles of Latin America. Nate Saint grew up with a roller-coaster in his backyard, invented an ingenious “bucket drop method” for dropping supplies from a flying plane, saved lives with his insight and inventions, and faced martyrdom with a heart of courage and forgiveness. His story is exciting, entertaining, and inspiring for all ages.

This 6-part lesson includes activity ideas to enhance the learning process and provide further teaching to help the children know God has a purpose for their lives. Printable story visuals, historical photos, and activity pages for each part of the story are included in this digital download as well as a PPT slide presentation.

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This lesson will be delivered as a digital PDF file and a PPT slideshow presentation. The PDF leader guide includes the text for each part of the missionary story for kids as well as printable visuals, photos, activity pages to accompany each part of the story.

Big Idea: God has a purpose for my life!

Key Verse: Romans 8:28

Story Excerpt: Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it works? Have you ever had to fix something? We’re going to learn a true story about someone who was always super curious about the way things worked. His name was Nate Saint. God used his curiosity, creativity, and skills for fixing and inventing to help many people and even save lives! 

In addition to this missionary story, you can also use the FREE “Good News for the World!” missions activity guide. This free missions activity guide includes more gospel-based ideas and activities to help children develop a heart for missions.

For more information about missionary aviation and using technology to expand the reach of the gospel, please visit the websites of Missionary Aviation Fellowship ( and the Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center ( Nate Saint served as a missionary with MAF and his son, Steve Saint, founded the ministry of ITEC.


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