The Story of St. Patrick

The Story of St. Patrick

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Children will love to hear the true story of Patrick, an escaped slave who risks his life to share God’s love and forgiveness with his former captors. The Story of Saint Patrick is a digital download that includes a leader’s guide, pictures, Gospel truths, a memory verse, printable resources, and lots of game and activity ideas to help you plan an epic St. Patrick’s Day party for kids!


13 reviews for The Story of St. Patrick

  1. Ashley

    I have always loved the true story of St. Patrick, so when this was released I was ecstatic! I’ve used it for our homeschool preschool and kids love the pictures and activities. And I love that I can introduce them to a Christian hero who loved Jesus above all else.

  2. Bridget

    I taught this lesson to a group of kids ages 2 – 12 yrs. I downloaded the excellent visuals on my computer and attached it to a larger screen at church. The lesson is very well written and the fun review games go over the Bible truths learned in the lesson. All the kids remembered God loves them. The older kids were so impressed by the true story of Patrick and God’s love, forgiveness and care they told the grownups in their home.
    I will definitely use this great lesson again!

  3. Sarah

    This lesson is full of great ideas, fun visuals, a good story, and teachable moments to share the truth of God’s word with the kids. It’s an excellent resource. And it can be used for more than just St. Patrick’s Day. You can use this lesson when teaching kids about missions or about church history.

  4. Beth Marshall

    I love how this story uses the familiar holiday and gives the true story of it and how a scripture verse is tied into it bringing more depth into the experience with your kids!! We loved taking time at dinner to talk about our day and then hearing a story that we could then talk about. This would be perfect for that time!! Can’t wait to try it with my grandkids now!!

  5. Todd Hacker

    This is an awesome resource to share with kids about how God used the life of Patrick in a mighty way. The kids seemed to respond well to this great crafted story along with its beautiful visuals. Not to mention the fact that it is 100% free. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve already shared this visual resource with other churches I know and they have also expressed how much they and their kids have enjoyed it. If you are looking for a great resource to teach this spring, look no further.

  6. Rebecca Carpenter

    Woah! I can’t get over just how much is here! Thank you for putting so much thought into this lesson.

  7. Gabriela

    This is such a great lesson! I love the visuals!!!

  8. Josh

    This is a really nice lesson. The story is cool, the games are fun, and the truth applications are easy to grasp. Our Sunday School class enjoyed it.

  9. Marjorie

    I love this! I’m always trying to share with my preschooler classroom the true meaning of St. Patrick’s day. Even though it may be geared to slightly older children, they will be able to understand the main idea and how he shared the good news of Jesus to Ireland. Thanks so much.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You’re welcome! I’ve used the story with my own preschoolers and they loved it. The sidebars of the lesson text have some ideas to help you adapt the lesson for preschoolers. Thanks for sharing the joy of Jesus with kids!

  10. Thomas W

    Well written, will keep the kid’s attention. I highly recommend this.

  11. Raelene

    I LOVE THIS RESOURCE!! Thank you so much for the videos and products you put together. You are fun, informative and deeply true at the same time.

  12. Nicole White

    This was probably one of my favorites so far! I loved all the extra info in the sidebars. My group loved the Pirates or Points (can’t remember the exact name) game. Many times I am able to stretch your lessons out for two weeks when I use it during the worship hour–which is an added bonus! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      I’m thrilled you’re able to use it! Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing the Good News of Jesus with kids!

  13. Esther

    Amazing lesson…!!!
    We did it, almost a week after St. Patrick’s Day!
    One week after St. Patrick’s Day…??? Kind of late… Well, I don’t think so… With Nathan and Kids Enjoying Jesus -lessons, there is not such thing as being late, it is always the perfect time to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ…!!!
    Thank you for this great lesson that points kids to Jesus…!!!

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