Thank You, God! Activity Guide

Thank You, God! Activity Guide

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Thank You, God! Activity Guide

What does it mean to give thanks? Who should we thank? How should we give thanks? This free activity guide includes 4 Bible lessons with memory verses, game suggestions, coloring pages, and other activity ideas to help kids learn about giving thanks and develop a heart of thanksgiving. If you’re using this at home, there’s more than enough material for a month of daily devotional activities about giving thanks. If you’re using this at church, each lesson contains more than enough material to easily fill an entire class period.

  • I Can Thank God! – God made me to give thanks! (Psalm 9:1a)
  • Why Should I Thank God? – God is worthy of my thanks! (Psalm 136:1)
  • How Can I Thank God? – I can give thanks to God! (Psalm 69:30)
  • I Should Always Thank God! – I should thank God every day! (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

This free digital download contains more than 40 hands-on, play-based activity ideas as well as printables and PPT visuals for the key elements of each lesson. If you appreciate this free resource, please leave a positive review below.

14 reviews for Thank You, God! Activity Guide

  1. Jay

    Awesome and helpful

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Thanks! We’re glad you’re able to use it!

  2. Pam

    What a delightful resource!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Thank you! Our family has really enjoyed some of these activities and we’re thrilled to share them with others.

  3. Kathy

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources! As a Children’s Pastor at a small church, I am always looking for high-quality, low-cost resources. I’m so excited to start using this material in Children’s Church. Praying for your family and ministry.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You’re welcome. I’m thankful you’re able to use these resources!

  4. Jennifer Hohler

    Thank you for this resource! I appreciates the video and will be using the idea in our Kid’s Church along with providing the coloring sheets as an activity.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You’re welcome. My kids loved it. I hope yours will too.

  5. Becky Lam

    That’s a wonderful resource for me, we have some kids in the church and we like to start a fellowship and don’t know how to start and what to do. I got some wonderful ideas from the video.

  6. Jo


  7. Xiomara

    Thank you !
    God bless you

  8. Vera Arnold

    Great Ideas for Kids

  9. D.J.

    This guide is so helpful!!!

  10. pattue

    So many great ideas! Thank you! So much

  11. Lisa Perr

    I loved the creative ideas. You provided many different ways for my students to give thanks. The games are wonderful and everything is grounded in the Word. Thank You!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You’re welcome! I’m thankful this resource has been a blessing to you and your students.

  12. Ginger Smith

    Awesome for Sunday School

  13. Genoveva Dillon

    Thank you So much , I will use this lesson in my Sunday school, Aldo thank you for the coloring sheets. The Liod bless you !

  14. Genoveva Dillon

    Thank you SO Much , I will use this lesson in my Sunday school class , also thank you for the coloring sheets. God Bless you !!

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