Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit

Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit


Enjoying God My Shepherd!

Curriculum Kit

This kit features 24 lessons based on our popular Enjoying God My Shepherd! activity guide that have been formatted for classroom use with a memory verse, activities, and game structured into the leader guide for each lesson. The Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit is designed for classroom use in Sunday School, Children’s Church, or a mid-week program for children.

The Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit includes everything needed for about 6 months of weekly lessons including…

  • 24 individual lesson plans with easy-to-use instructions for leaders.
  • Instructions for praise time, memory verse, activities, and games to extend and enhance every lesson.
  • A weekly “Connection Time” with printable devotionals that encourages families to incorporate family devotions at home.
  • A blend of lessons and activities based on both the Old Testament and New Testament.
  • 100+ printables! (coloring pages, visuals, games, activity pages, etc.)
  • PPT slideshows for every lesson.
  • A Gospel emphasis is woven into every lesson throughout the series.


Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit FAQ

What’s the difference between the Enjoying God My Shepherd! Activity Guide and the Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit?
The activity guide was designed primarily for family use, but after hundreds of church leaders and Sunday School teachers around the world reached out to say they were using it for Sunday School, Children’s Church, and other Kid Min programs, we decided to create a NEW resource that was easier to prepare and use in a church/classroom setting. We adapted, expanded, and organized the content of the activity guide to create the 24 lessons in this Curriculum Kit to make it easier for leaders and teachers to incorporate the material into their classrooms.

How will the files be delivered once I place my order?
Due to the large file size of this Curriculum Kit, the product will be delivered to your email with links to download five separate zip files that contain all the lessons and supporting documents and resources. After downloading the zip files, you may unzip them to view and use your new Curriculum Kit. Enjoy!



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