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I’m Nathan Hamilton, the guy who started Kids Enjoying Jesus. My wife, Audrey, and I both dreamed of being missionaries from the time we were just seven years old. (I also dreamed of riding a dinosaur and I haven’t fully given up on that dream, but that’s another story.)

God used our dream of missions to eventually bring us together and we’ve spent fifteen years serving as missionaries to kids. We’ve had many remarkable adventures as we’ve taught kids, trained missionaries, written curriculum, directed outreach events, served churches, and helped develop ministry resources for one of the largest children’s ministries on earth.

Along the way God has given us four weird and wonderful kids who love reading books, having indoor snowball fights, and eating popsicles on the back porch. We are super blessed! But about 6 years ago, our life began to change.

Something wasn’t right…

In the midst of a busy ministry schedule we began noticing something was going terribly wrong with my health. We’ve spent years trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. We’re still not completely sure what’s going on, but apparently I have an invisible illness that doctors now believe is caused in part by tick borne diseases and a genetic mutation. (I’m a mutant—how cool is that!?) 

I appear healthier than average even on most medical tests, but simple tasks such as walking, carrying my toddler, or even sitting up in a chair can cause excruciating pain and exhaustion.

Gradually I’ve lost my ability to perform many ministry tasks, but we firmly believe God is still calling us to be missionaries. After lots of prayer and seeking wise counsel, we determined I needed to begin a new ministry that I could do from home and even from my bed when necessary. So now I’m laying here with my laptop introducing you to Kids Enjoying Jesus.

A dream come true…

It sounds crazy, but for years I’ve wistfully imagined myself launching a new ministry that helps families and churches share the daily joy of knowing Jesus with kids. Yes, I would have preferred to do this as a healthy person. But I don’t think I would have ever gotten around to it if God hadn’t brought me into this position in a rather bizarre way. (You’ve got to admit that blood-sucking parasites and genetic mutations make for a pretty epic ministry origin story.) Of course I’m still hoping and praying for healing, but by God’s grace in the meantime I’ll keep doing what He created me to do.

Armed with a Bible, a laptop, and an internet connection; I can write lessons, share ideas, and produce videos to equip and encourage others to impact kids with God’s truth. I love having fun with kids as I guide them toward Jesus and I want to help others do the same.

My parents led me to Jesus when I was five years old. Knowing and enjoying Him has transformed my heart and radically changed my perspective on the triumphs and tragedies of life. 

Sadly, many kids don’t know Jesus. Even many Christian kids (and adults) don’t realize that knowing and enjoying Jesus is the key to really living no matter what circumstances you face.  I don’t just want kids to know about Jesus. I want to help them discover and enjoy Jesus with such vigor that the pains and pleasures of life are powerless to distract them from God’s truth.

That’s what Kids Enjoying Jesus is all about. Welcome!

Why am I sick?

When bad things happen, it can be difficult to believe God is in control or that His way is best. I have asked God many questions that remain unanswered, but this time of suffering has actually strengthed my trust in God. Watch this video to discover 4 Good Questions I’m learning to ask God while He uses suffering to accomplish His good work in and through my life. 

(P.S. You’ll also get to watch me do a pretty cool trick with paper and scissors.)

The Kids Enjoying Jesus Crew

My wife and I manage the nuts and bolts of the ministry, but no introduction to Kids Enjoying Jesus could be complete without mentioning the kids who enjoy Jesus with us every day. Our kids graciously test our ideas, “act” in many of our videos, promote our ministry with immeasurable cuteness, and provide endless inspiration for stories on our blog and facebook pages . (For privacy reasons, we prefer to use nicknames for our children online.)


The Beloved Boy

Talented Actor, Creative Consultant, & Lego Wizard

The Princess

Product Tester, Fashion Model, & Guinea Pig Handler

The Party Girl

Resident Extrovert, Taste-Tester, & Aspiring Stunt Double

The Pixie

Story Consultant, Dinosaur Enthusiast, & Resident Cuddler