The Story of St. Nicholas

The Story of St. Nicholas

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The Story of St. Nicholas

Did you know St. Nicholas was a real person who loved Jesus with all his heart, even in the face of persecution? The story of St. Nicholas is full of extravagant generosity, faithfulness during persecution, and sharing the love of Jesus.

Children will learn how the generous love of Jesus motivated St. Nicholas’ legendary generosity that eventually became the basis for stories of Santa Claus. This real story provides a natural opportunity to share the Gospel and challenge children to respond to Jesus’ generous heart by accepting his generous gift of Salvation and sharing his love with others. 

In addition to the Gospel-centered lesson, this activity guide also includes an object lesson to help children learn about praying for the persecuted church, a memory verse, game ideas, coloring pages, and more activities to help children learn about the generous love of Jesus.

This free digital download includes printable visuals and PPT slides.

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4 reviews for The Story of St. Nicholas

  1. Linda

    I was working on an AWANA lesson on “Generous, not Greedy” as an aspect of our characters that God wants to develop in us when I got the email saying this was available! What a perfect fit!! I will adapt several of the visuals and excellent teaching ideas. Then I saw other free downloads listed and took them all. But I didn’t see where or how to send in a donation? A lot of time and effort has clearly gone into creating these first class materials. Maybe someone can point the way?

    • Nathan Hamilton

      We are thrilled you’re able to use these resources. It’s our pleasure to provide them freely for your use. This ministry is made possible by generous donors who provide the financial support to enable us to focus on developing and sharing Christ-centered resources for kids. I will send you an email with more information about giving toward this ministry. Thank you for your question and your encouragement.

  2. Nurla Khan

    Dear pastor and friend,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and blessed Christmas tools for children.
    God bless each one of you all abundantly ❤️🙏.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You are very welcome. Thank YOU for sharing the love and joy of Jesus with children.

  3. Annette J Limonta

    awesome content

  4. Karin Roiková

    Thank for your great teaching materials. Kids and me love them.

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