The Story of Valentine

The Story of Valentine

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The Story of Valentine

Valentine’s Day is more than candy, hearts, and romantic dinner dates. It’s a day to celebrate the greatest love of all – God’s love! Valentine’s Day commemorates the life and death of a Christian man who loved God more than life and freedom. When the emperor outlawed Christianity, Valentine risked his life to continue loving and obeying Christ. When arrested, he boldly shared the gospel with the emperor himself! When imprisoned and sentenced to death, he continued trusting God and sharing his love with others until his execution on February 14, circa AD 270. This true story can encourage children to marvel at the greatness of God’s love and believe in Jesus who is the ultimate expression of God’s mercy and grace.

This digital download includes the leader’s guide, printable visuals for the lesson, memory verse, and games, and PPT slides. Additionally, this lesson also includes resources and instructions to help children learn about praying for the persecuted church.


Lesson Overview

Big Idea: God’s love is the greatest!

Key Verse: Romans 5:8 “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Lesson: The Story of Valentine

Activity: Pray for the Persecuted Church

Game: God’s Love Bible Drills

Story Sample: Valentine isn’t just a word, a pretty card or a holiday. Valentine is a name! Valentine was a real person who lived in the empire (kingdom) of Rome about 2,000 years ago. Valentine loved God and wanted to help others learn about God’s love. But most ancient Romans didn’t believe in God. They had many statues and stories about other make-believe gods. They would worship in front of these statues and pray to these gods. They believed they needed to keep these gods happy so the idols would be good to them and hear their prayers. But they were wrong! Valentine was a Christian who believed in the one true God who made all things. He knew these false Roman gods couldn’t hear or help anyone and they certainly didn’t love the people who tried to make them happy. He told the Romans about the God of the universe who made them and wanted to give them the greatest love of all! I want to tell you about God’s awesome love too!

The God who created the universe loves you with a never-ending, always and forever love! This is the greatest love of all! Valentine wanted everyone to know that God loved them and sent his Son to save them from sin, but this was dangerous work. The emperor (king) of Rome was a mean and cruel man who wanted people to only love and worship his make-believe gods. He made it against the law to love God or believe in his Son, Jesus! Do you think this stopped Valentine from telling people about the awesome love of God? No. Valentine was willing to risk his life for God!

11 reviews for The Story of Valentine

  1. Roxanne Jattan-Moonan

    I love this…
    I was just appointed Sunday school leader and this was very helpful on what I can teach the kids…
    Thank you and looking forward to upcoming videos…
    God job… God’s grace & blessings upon your lives.

  2. Debbie Heck

    Thank you for this offer! Always looking for new ideas to minister to children.

  3. Debbie Hec

    Thank you for this offer! May God bless your ministry. Can’t wait to use this material.

  4. Rebecca Thomas

    I have been looking for a valentines card craft for childrens church and found the perfect one.

  5. Andrea Bowersox

    My son has to quarantine this week, so we didn’t go to church today. We used your Valentine lesson to discuss God’s love and where Valentine’s Day came from. I’m definitely planning on using your St. Patrick lesson to teach Sunday School next month. Thanks for this great website.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Hooray! I’m so glad you were able to use it!

  6. Toni


  7. Ena Dennis

    You lessons are awesome. So easy to use anyone can teach children about our Lord.

  8. Miriam

    I’m so grateful for this teaching. Seeking the Lord to teach children is very joyful in my soul! Thank you for my dearly friend and Pastor L to share this site.

  9. Nancy Noall

    Love this!

  10. Delia Perez

    I enjoyed your video and found it to be the most accurate and simply told. thank you

  11. Leslie

    It’s a blessing that you provide this materials. God bless you all.

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