Sanctity of Life Activities for Kids

Sanctity of Life Activities for Kids


Sanctity of Life Activities for Kids
Children need to know the immeasurable value God places on every human life no matter how helpless or small they may be. This free digital download includes instructions and printables for three hands-on activities that use Scripture, science, and play-based learning to teach children about the sanctity of human life.

Made in Secret is a simple lesson and activity where children will discover 9 ways God knows and cares about every person before they are born.

God Loves Babies is a hands-on activity that uses play acting and a relay game to emphasize God’s delight in watching and caring for every baby before and after they are born.

God Watched Me Grow is a fun devotional and craft page that teaches children the value of life by focusing on various stages of a baby’s growth as God forms them in their mother’s womb.

Instructions, sample scripts, and visuals are ready for you to download, print, and teach in Sunday School, family devotions, or your homeschool group.

Interested in more ideas like this? These are just a few of the 70+ activities from our book, Enjoying God My Creator.





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