George Carver: God’s Plant Doctor

George Carver: God’s Plant Doctor


Children are challenged and inspired by real-life stories that magnify God’s power and glory. George Washington Carver is such a story. Motivated by his love and enjoyment of God the Creator, this brilliant scientist overcame difficult and often unfair circumstances to help as many people as possible.

This 6-part lesson includes ideas for 25+ bonus activities to enhance the learning process and provide further teaching to help the children know and enjoy God the Creator for themselves. Activity recommendations (memory verse, object lessons, Gospel presentations, games, hands-on activities, historical background, etc.) are included after each part of the story. You can choose the ideas that best fit your teaching situation.

The George Carver: God’s Plant Doctor Resource Folder included with this lesson includes…

  • A printable coloring page with devotional thoughts for each part of the lesson.
  • Printable visuals and PPT slides for the lesson and memory verse.
  • Printable visuals and PPT slides with photographs that connect the story to real life.
  • Two free sample printable devotionals from the God is My Creator! children’s devotional.
  • A robot themed Gospel object lesson and craft.
  • VIDEOS of all 6 parts of the lesson COMING SOON!

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