Michael Faraday: Designed to Discover

Michael Faraday: Designed to Discover

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Designed to Discover

By God’s design, an uneducated poor boy with a speech impediment and undiagnosed learning disability became one of the greatest scientists in history! Michael Faraday was clearly designed to discover and considered it an honor to use scientific discovery for the good of mankind and the glory of God.

This 6-part lesson includes ideas for 25+ activities to enhance the learning process and provide further teaching to help the children know and enjoy God the Creator for themselves.

  • 6-part Michael Faraday lesson for kids
  • Printable visuals and PPT slides
  • Coloring pages and conversation starters
  • Interactive game ideas
  • Memory verse helps and games
  • Play-based activities and snack ideas

1 review for Michael Faraday: Designed to Discover

  1. Fiona

    Thanks for this wonderful resource! Michael Faraday has been a total inspiration to our family, as we Home Educate here in the UK.

    As a result of using this resource, we have been to London to see Faraday’s original lab and even stood in the lecture theatre mentioned, giving our own, mini scientific explanations, pointing to Creator God!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      We are THRILLED you’ve been so inspired by this remarkable story! We enjoyed researching and writing it. That’s so cool that you were able to visit Faraday’s lab and even give mini science lectures about our awesome Creator God!

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