God Knows Best – Resource Bundle

God Knows Best – Resource Bundle


God Knows Best – Resource Bundle

This resource bundle for Theme 3 of Enjoying God My Creator! includes Bible-based printable visuals, coloring pages, PPT files, and more to help children trust that God is a good and wise Creator who knows what’s best!

Enjoying God My Creator! is an activity guide with 90+ play-based activities for children organized into 4 themes. (Resource bundles for all 4 themes are available on our resources page.) This resource bundle for Theme 3, “God Knows Best” can help you lead children in your family or church in dozens of simple play-based activities designed to show children that God’s way is best – even when life if hard. This “God Knows Best” Resource Bundle includes printables and PPT files for dozens of activities like…

  • The Greatest Artist – Enjoy creative play as you consider God’s creative brilliance that outshines all human wisdom and power.
  • Behold, Behemoth! – Marvel together at an incredible creature that serves as a reminder of God’s mastery over all creation.
  • Tall Tales of Evolution – Discover fascinating facts that refute false claims about our existence being merely the result of evolutionary chance.

Instructions for using the printables and PPT files in this “God Knows Best” resource bundle are located in Theme 3 of the Enjoying God My Creator! activity guide, which is also included as part of this digital download. This resource bundle also includes the printable 4-week children’s devotional, God is My Creator!


From our human perspective, some things about ourselves are less than best. Some of us are born with genetic diseases or malformations. Others of us wrestle with conditions that affect thinking, feeling, and learning. How is that best? What is God doing? This theme will help children consider God’s good design in making them, even if it’s not what they would prefer. God chose everything about each person, didn’t make any mistake, and finds joy in each person just as they were created to be. We can freely come to God with our hurts and questions, but ultimately, he is the Potter and we are the clay. He asks us to trust him and submit to his plan. The best news, though, is that one day the things we perceive as imperfections and the sufferings we endure will be wiped away. The Potter will wipe away all our tears—all of them! forever!—and we will see that he really did know best.

This FREE “God Knows Best” resource bundle for Theme 3 of Enjoying God My Creator! includes these digital files:

  • Enjoying God My Creator! Activity Guide
  • EGMC! Theme 3 Resource Bundle – God Knows Best
  • EGMC! Theme 3 PPT Slides
  • God Is My Creator! Devotional

Due to large file sizes, this product will be delivered as several PDF and zip files. You will receive an email with links to download and save each file. After downloading all the desired files, unzip the PPT slide file to view and use the PPT slideshows.


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