Parasaurolophus Coloring Page

Parasaurolophus Coloring Page

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Did you know?

  • Parasaurolophus was about as long as a school bus?
  • Parasaurolophus may have used its crest (the horn-like thing on its head) to make loud noises?
  • Parasaurolophus babies had bumps on their heads that became a large head crest as they grew up?
  • Parasaurolophus means “near crested lizard”?

Print and enjoy this Parasaurolophus coloring page while think about how wise and powerful God is to have designed such a weird and wonderful reptile!

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4 reviews for Parasaurolophus Coloring Page

  1. kim

    I have been looking for more activities that cover how God made dinosaurs.

  2. kim

    Awesome! Thank you

  3. Camille

    It is really wonderful to have a Jesus-centered dinosaur picture for my dino-obsessed son. I’m always trying to find resources that will both fit my son’s interest and my bible-based worldview. Thank you!

  4. Crystal Mendez


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