Allosaurus Coloring Page

Allosaurus Coloring Page

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Did you know…

  • Allosaurus lived in what is now the United States of America?
  • Allosaurus was almost as large as T-Rex, but its teeth were much smaller?
  • Allosaurus had sharp thin teeth similar to a shark’s teeth?

You can print this allosaurus coloring page for kids to enjoy while they learn about God, the Creator of all things.

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5 reviews for Allosaurus Coloring Page

  1. Chary

    Thank you great work.

  2. Nancy Jones


  3. Kim

    These coloring pages are awesome! My son will love them!

  4. Carol Capraro

    After viewing your DINO video once my 6 year old grandson grasped the salvation message!
    He said without provocation, “Isn’t it nice that God sent Jesus to take away our sin. That’s the best thing that anyone could ever do!”
    My jaw dropped! All I could do was tell him hat he understood what many adults didn’t understand. I told him that the Bible says “Let the little children come to me.”
    This child is unchurched and has had very little exposure to God’s word. He knows a lot about dinosaurs. Your message came through loud and clear for him. Thank God that you produced this video! I’m humbled and so blessed.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      That’s awesome! I’ve been fascinated with dinosaurs my whole life and I love using them to help kids see what a wonderful and loving Creator God we have!

  5. Carol Capraro

    Excellent presentation of the salvation message in the context of Dinosaurs in the natural creation.

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