I Love You More Than Dinosaurs Craft

I Love You More Than Dinosaurs Craft

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Do you have a kid who loves dinosaurs?
Kids can decorate this dinosaur card to say “THANK YOU!” to their mom, dad, foster mom, grandma, or anyone else who takes care of them. Offering generic cards like this is a thoughtful way to include foster kids on holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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2 reviews for I Love You More Than Dinosaurs Craft

  1. Lora

    This is all so well done. What a blessing to find for my grandchildren! I will be back and will find you on YouTube. Also passing along!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Thank you! My own kids love it too. Thanks for passing it along!

  2. Debra Gainor

    What a great activity for kids. I look forward to doing this.

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