Why, God? COVID-19 Activity for Kids

Why, God? COVID-19 Activity for Kids

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Why does God let bad things happen?

COVID-19, quarantine, sickness, pain, and death can make children feel afraid, sad, confused, or angry. This activity uses a video testimony (below) and an “impossible” object lesson to help you provide a Biblical response to questions and concerns children may have about scary or confusing problems.


2 reviews for Why, God? COVID-19 Activity for Kids

  1. Kathy Wigal

    This is truly awesome!!!!!! God is using you!!!!!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Thank you! Praise God!

  2. Brittany Waters

    Amazing!! Cant wait to teach this on Sunday!! Thank you for sharing your testimony! It’s so encouraging, coming from someone who also has chronic illness. God bless!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      So glad you can use it! God bless!

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