Bob Foster: Missionary Doctor

Bob Foster: Missionary Doctor

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Robert Livingstone Foster was born to missionary parents in Zambia, Africa. His parents prayed fervently that God would make their son a missionary doctor who could save lives and alleviate suffering as he also cared for people’s souls. God answered their prayers by using their son, Dr. Bob Foster, to pioneer medical care, establish hospitals, train nurses, and share the hope of Christ in poverty stricken and war-torn regions of Africa.

Kids will enjoy the thrilling real-life missionary stories of God’s protection and provision as Dr. Bob endures hardship, encounters deadly snakes, enjoys dramatic answers to prayer, overcomes challenges to build hospitals in remote areas of Africa, and faithfully shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with many who have never heard.

This 6-part missionary story for kids includes activity ideas to enhance the learning process and provide further teaching to help the children know God works through his people to do good work. Printable story visuals, historical photos, and activity pages for each part of the story are included in this digital download as well as a PPT slide presentation.

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This lesson will be delivered as a digital PDF file and a PPT slideshow presentation. The PDF leader guide includes the text for each part of the missionary story for kids as well as printable visuals, photos, activity pages to accompany each part of the story.

Big Idea: God works through his people to do his good work!

Key Verse: Philippians 2:13

Story Excerpt: When you’re sick, where do you usually go? Maybe your parents give you medicine at home, or maybe you need to go to the doctor or the hospital. Did you know there are places around the world where there are no doctors or hospitals? Where can you go to learn about Jesus? You can go to church or Bible club or even learn about Jesus in your own home, but did you know there are also places in the world where there are no Bibles or churches, and people have never heard about Jesus? We’re going to learn about a man named Dr. Bob Foster, who was born in a place with both of these problems. God used him to help many people who needed a doctor and who needed to hear about Jesus.

In addition to this missionary story, you can also use the FREE “Good News for the World!” missions activity guide. This free missions activity guide includes more gospel-based ideas and activities to help children develop a heart for missions.

For more information about the ongoing ministry that carries on Dr. Bob Foster’s legacy of sharing hope through healthcare and the gospel, please visit the websites of Hope for Angola (, the Mukinge Mission Hospital (, and the Centro Evangélico de Medicina do Lubango ( Dr. Bob Foster established Hope for Angola and the Mukinge Mission Hospital. His son, Dr. Steve Foster, established and serves at the CEML hospital in Angola.

1 review for Bob Foster: Missionary Doctor

  1. Christina Gray

    I just finished this six week curriculum with my Sunday school class and they loved it! The story of Dr. Bob Foster was very well done. I’m so excited that now my students in my Sunday school class have a heart for missions. Praise the Lord!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      We’re so glad you’ve been able to use this story and that the kids loved it! I told it to my own kids while we were researching and writing it and they loved it too! His book, “The Sword & The Scalpel,” has even more incredible stories that we just couldn’t fit into this abbreviated, kid-friendly, missionary story for kids.

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