Betty Greene – Flying for Jesus

Betty Greene – Flying for Jesus


Betty Greene Missionary Story

Betty Greene developed a love of flying at a very young age. But as much as she loved flying, she loved Jesus more and wanted to use her love of flying to share the love of Jesus with people around the world. Betty became a military pilot and served during World War II, then became the first pilot for the brand-new Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) ministry. Betty flew planes for MAF in a dozen countries, including Mexico, Peru, Nigeria, and Sudan. As a pioneer missionary pilot, she helped pave the way for isolated groups of people around the world to receive the hope and help of the gospel. Her legacy and the ministry she helped establish is going strong today with pilots and planes in many nations around the world. 

This 6-part lesson includes activity ideas to enhance the learning process and provide further teaching to help the children know that the world needs to hear about Jesus. Printable story visuals, historical photos, and activity pages for each part of the story are included at the end of this document.


This missions lesson will be delivered as a digital PDF file and a PPT slideshow presentation. The PDF leader guide includes the text for each part of the missionary story for kids as well as printable visuals, photos, activity pages to accompany each part of the story.

Big Idea: The world needs to know about Jesus!

Key Verse: Matthew 28:19a “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

Story Excerpts: One day, Betty was flying a missionary and her baby home from the hospital. As she always did, she checked the weather report before flying. The report called for clear skies, so they loaded into the plane and took off. As they were flying, she found herself in an increasingly thick cloud of sand. The skies were anything but clear – it was a huge sandstorm! Betty quickly asked God to help her fly safely in the sandstorm. She knew that if she could get close enough to the ground to see the road, she could follow the road to the nearest airfield. So Betty kept dropping altitude because the sandstorm was making it more and more impossible to see. Betty’s fear was continuing to grow until she finally saw the road. She flew as low to the ground as possible in order to not lose sight of the dirt road. She finally arrived at the airfield and was able to land. Once again Betty was thankful that God kept her safe!

Later, Betty was asked to fly in Sudan. Most of the people in Sudan were Muslims, and in that culture, women were not allowed to be pilots. But MAF was able to get special permission for Betty to fly, and she became the first woman to fly in Sudan! Betty was often treated differently than other women in Sudan because she was a pilot. One time, a governor invited her to a special dinner. During the meal, she discovered that he wanted to know more about flying a plane. He asked her why she had chosen to become a pilot. Betty told him that it was because of her faith – she wanted to help more people hear the good news about Jesus! The governor would not have usually talked with a Christian missionary, but being a pilot gave Betty the chance to share the gospel with him. Betty also met some women during her time in Sudan that were not allowed to leave their house. But because Betty was a woman, she was able to talk to them and tell them about Jesus, too.

Today, many people use their skills to work in places where missionaries are not allowed. Like Betty, they use their professional skills to create opportunities to tell people about Jesus! Some people go to other countries as English teachers, or use their skills to get jobs and then tell people about Jesus. How has God gifted you? Maybe you can use some of your skills to share the gospel.

In addition to this missionary story, you can also use the FREE “Good News for The World” activity guide to help children learn more about world missions and the video below to help children learn what a missionary is.


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