What Is The Trinity? Lesson for Kids

What Is The Trinity? Lesson for Kids


What Is The Trinity?

The concept of the Trinity is beyond our ability to fully understand or explain, but it is how God reveals himself to us in Scripture. In this lesson, children will examine Scripture to learn that God says he is one God in three persons. Will kids fully understand the Trinity? No. But they can understand that God’s Word says the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three persons in one God and respond by worshipping him for being more incredibly awesome than we can fathom. 

This free digital download includes many interactive elements to help you teach kids about the Trinity.

  • Teacher-friendly instructions
  • Memory Verse
  • Scripture Reading
  • Printable teaching poster
  • Discussion Questions
  • Coloring Page
  • Song suggestions


Here’s a sample of this lesson about the Trinity for kids!

How many horns does a triceratops have? Have many wheels are on a tricycle? How many sides does a triangle have? (Show pictures of these things.) All these words begin with “tri” because “tri” means “three.” Another word that begins this way is triune. “Tri” means three and “unity” means oneness. Triune means God is three in one. God the Father is God. God the Son, Jesus, is God. God the Holy Spirit is God. But he is not three different gods. This is called the Trinity. Three different persons are all one God together. God is three in one! Hold up three fingers and say, “God is three persons in one God!”

(Show the definition poster and have children repeat the definition after you several times while doing the motion of holding up three fingers.)

Our human brains can’t fully understand how God can be three in one, but it’s how God reveals himself to us in the Bible. God the Father, Son, and Spirit are all equal as God, but they each have specific ways they work in our lives. God the Father loved us and sent God the Son (Jesus). God the Son died and rose again to save us from sin and then sent God the Holy Spirit to help us follow God. It’s too awesome for us to understand, but he is three equal persons in one God. We should worship God for being so incredibly awesome!


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