The Fancy Flowers!

The Fancy Flowers!


God says he dressed up the wildflowers more wonderfully than even the fanciest king. If God puts so much thought and care into every flower he creates, you can be sure he cares even more for you. This lesson uses the God-given object lesson of God’s care for plants to encourage children to trust in God’s ability to care for them too. He has the power and wisdom to save us from sin and care for us forever!

  • Bible lesson about Jesus and the fancy flowers!
  • Dandelion pictures and facts to engage kids!
  • Memory verse (Matthew 6:30) with coloring page!
  • Interactive game ideas!
  • Song suggestions, printables, and PPT slides!
  • Memory verse song available on


Jesus wanted people to know they were way more precious to God than all the flowers on all the hills in all the world. Instead of worrying, they could trust the God who created and cares for the entire universe. God wants you to remember this too! This is one reason he created and cares for flowers. They are evidence that He is wise and powerful enough to take care of you! This free lesson can help you share this good news with children.

Big Idea: I can trust God to care for me!

Key Verse: Matthew 6:30 NLT “And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers… he will certainly care for you.”

Lesson: Jesus & The Fancy Flowers!

Activity: Fancier Than Kings!

Review Game: Fancy Teacher

Note: This lesson specifically uses dandelions to engage children in the lesson. If fresh dandelions are not available in your area you can show pictures of dandelions (included in the lesson), but have other types of fresh flowers for the children to see and touch as you teach.


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