Super Animal Moms! Bible Lesson

Super Animal Moms! Bible Lesson


Super Animal Moms!

Did you know some mother whales feed their calves more than 100 gallons of milk every day? Did you know mother alligators rush to respond when their babies cry? Some kinds of animals are super moms, but none of them come close to how much God cares for his children. This lesson uses fascinating facts about animal moms to help children learn and remember how much God cares for them. He is a super great and wonderful God who demonstrated his love in the most epic way possible by sending his own Son to save us from sin. That’s super great!

A variety of activities are included in this free leader’s guide to help your family or church teach children about God’s great love and care. Suggested printable visuals and activity pages are included at the end of this document. The PPT slideshow is included included separately.


Did you know which animal mom is the fastest runner? Cheetah moms can run 70 mph to catch food for their babies! That’s super fast. Did you know mother elephants are pregnant for about two years!? That’s a super long time to carry a baby in your belly. In this lesson, kids will learn about some super amazing animal moms. Even though these animal moms are pretty incredible, none of them care for their babies as well as God cares for his children. Kids will be encouraged to give thanks for those who care for them – especially God who loves and cares most of all. His love and care for people are super great!

Big Idea: God’s love is super great!

Key Verse: Jeremiah 10:6 “There is none like you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is great in might.”

Lesson: Super Animal Moms!

Activity: Super Thankful!

Review Game: Supermom Match Game


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