The Enemy & The King Bible Story

The Enemy & The King Bible Story


The Enemy & The King

This printable Bible lesson activity uses popsicle puppets to share an allegorical story about the enemy and the king to teach children understand how the fall of man and the presence of evil in the world fit into the bigger story of God the King and his awesome rescue plan. After you’ve taught the lesson, you can use the craft to help children make their own copy of this Gospel-centered story and practice sharing it with others.

This FREE activity is adapted from the Enjoying God My King! Resource Bundle. If you like this FREE activity, you may be interested in purchasing the complete Resource Bundle.

Both large and small visuals are included below in this digital download. Use the size that works best for your situation. Tape or glue each character to a popsicle stick to make popsicle puppets and use them along with your Bible to tell the story.

(También disponible en español.)




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