The Gospel Cross

The Gospel Cross

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Kids will enjoy watching the Gospel story unfold before their very eyes with this FREE cross shaped object lesson that uses pictures to share the greatest story ever told! The Gospel Cross is an evangelistic tool that’s simple enough for a child to use, small enough to fit in your wallet, and inexpensive enough to mass produce for every kid in your home or church! This digital PDF download gives you three printable options to choose from (full color, printer friendly, or black and white)! The easy-to-follow instructions provide a sample script, interactive ideas for little kids, and craft and game ideas that will help you reinforce and review the Gospel with kids!

Also available in Spanish!


6 reviews for The Gospel Cross

  1. Amanda R

    What a fantastic resource! So many great ideas and free content for those seeking to guide children towards the JOY of knowing and serving Jesus Christ! What a blessing this ministry is!

  2. Beth

    A great tool and resource to help share Jesus with your kids!!🙂

  3. Arnel Cantoria

    Thanks you my Brother in Christ about object lesson for evangelism you shared can I request you said it is free.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Yes, it is free. You can download it by adding it to your cart and then checking out.

  4. Bill Boffa

    I purchased a Cross a few years ago from a man who crafted the crosses he maid by hand, he called his co. “The Gospel Cross” I heard about him from a radio show called -The Power Hour-Are you the man I am looking for?

    • Nathan Hamilton

      That would be a pretty cool resource. No, I’m not that man. I guess we both just happened to use the same name for different ideas.

  5. Qais Khouri

    I cant find the back side the one with the writings can you reply to me with the link to it and thank you very great recourse keep up the good work

    • Nathan Hamilton

      This must be the one you are looking for since it is the only one we have. You have to download it in order to be able to print it front and back.

  6. Debbie Lunsford

    This is a fantistic resource and just what I was looking for to teach my elementary small group how to share the gospel. Thanks so much!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      I’m so glad you’re able to use it!

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