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Helping children learn about Jesus

A Meaningful Mother’s Day! Activities for Kids

Did you know a mother elephant seal can lose 600 pounds in one month while she’s nursing her pup!? (And now some of my readers are feeling jealous of elephant seals for the first time in their lives.) Did you know African elephants have pregnancies that last almost 2 years!? (The aforementioned readers are no…
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How to Talk to Kids About the Easter Bunny

I have fond memories of biking to my cousin’s house in the wee hours of Easter morning to hide a duck egg in his rabbit’s hutch. This annual event was my family’s sole association with the Easter Bunny. Ironically, I care more about the Easter Bunny as an adult than I did as a kid…
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How to Teach Kids about Palm Sunday

Centuries ago, crowds waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna!” as the promised Messiah rode into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt. Days later, large crowds cried out for his tortuous execution. What went wrong? NOTHING! Jesus accomplished exactly what he planned all along by laying down his perfect life to save sinners like you and me.…
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Easter Egg Bible Lesson for Kids!

Lots of families and churches use Easter eggs every year, but did you know you can use frog eggs, snake eggs, turtle eggs, and even dinosaur eggs to share the truth of Christ’s resurrection and the history of Easter eggs with kids? Christians have incorporated fancy eggs into Easter celebrations for centuries and have long…
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How to Use Your Nativity Set to Teach Kids

I still haven’t taken down our Christmas lights (Christmas is only 8 months away after all.) so it should come as no surprise that I also haven’t put away our nativity set. We won’t get into the reason the lights are still up, but I do want to share why I NEVER put away our…
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Easter Egg Truth Hunt Activity

I like to plan activities during this time of year that give me opportunities to encourage kids to look beyond the bells and whistles of Easter traditions and see Jesus, our Savior King–the ultimate reason to celebrate. One of my favorite activities for Sunday School or Good News Club is the Easter Egg Truth Hunt.…
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