Easter Egg lesson for Kids!

You can use frog eggs, snake eggs, turtle eggs, and even dinosaur eggs to share the truth of Christ’s resurrection and the history of Easter eggs with kids! (Stick around until the end of the article and I’ll even give you a FREE Easter lesson to help you do it!) Christians have incorporated decorated eggs into Easter celebrations for centuries and have long regarded them as symbols of Christ’s resurrection. But for modern day kids (and many adults), the connection between eggs and Easter has become scrambled. Eggs are readily recognized by kids as emblems of Easter and can be easily used to celebrate and share the truth of the Gospel. It might look something like this…

Easter Eggs

What kind of eggs are these? Did you know that long before people began decorating Easter eggs, God created millions of animals that lay eggs of all colors, shapes, and sizes?

God is the perfect king of the universe. He has filled the universe with billions of things to show you how wise, powerful, and wonderful He is. [Read Romans 1:20.] God made billions of incredible things to make it super obvious that He deserves your love and obedience. Eggs are just one example of God’s creative wisdom and power.

Can you guess what kind of animal laid this egg?

Scientists have discovered fossilized eggs from over 100 different kinds of dinosaurs! Fossilized dinosaur eggs are the color of rocks, but scientists believe some dinosaur eggs may have originally been blue or green—kind of like some Easter eggs!

Can you guess what kind of animal hatches from these eggs?

These are American Robin eggs. Many birds lay blue eggs and some even lay eggs that are green, yellow, orange, pink, or red—kind of like some Easter eggs! These eggs look hard and lifeless on the outside, but inside a new life is growing!

Can you guess what kind of animal hatches from these eggs?

These snake eggs are just starting to hatch. When an egg hatches it almost looks like something that was dead and motionless suddenly comes to life. That’s one reason eggs are often used as a symbol of birth and life. People have decorated eggs in many different ways and for many different reasons for thousands of years. Today many people use decorated eggs to celebrate Easter because eggs remind them of the most awesome thing that has ever happened!

Clap your hands if you know what this is.

About 2,000 years ago God’s perfect Son, Jesus, came to the world to rescue people from sin and give them new life that lasts forever. [Read John 3:16.] All people deserve death and separation from God because of our sin, but Jesus took this punishment for us. He was killed by evil men even though He hadn’t done anything wrong. They nailed Him to a cross where He suffered and bled until He died. Once they were sure He was dead, they let some of His friends bury His body in a tomb. But they hated Jesus so much that they closed the tomb and ordered guards to watch it and make sure His body stayed trapped inside.

Stomp your feet if you know what this is.

Jesus was buried in a tomb like this. But on the third day there was an earthquake and an angel broke the tomb open! The guards were so scared they collapsed. Jesus’ friends looked in the tomb and discovered it was empty! “He is not here. He is alive!” the angel said. At first many of them didn’t believe, but then they actually met Jesus. It was true! He is really alive! He died to take the punishment for the sins of the whole world and then God’s power brought Him back to life! [Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-4.] Today, we call that special day Easter. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with eggs, but many people started using eggs to celebrate it. Let me show you why.


Can you guess what kind of animal hatched from these eggs?

These are sea turtle eggs. The baby turtles have come out of the eggs to begin their lives and now the eggshells are empty. This reminds some people of what happened on Easter. Jesus came out of His tomb because He’s alive. Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty!

Can you guess what kind of animal laid these eggs?

These frog eggs are transparent—you can see right through them! It doesn’t look like there’s much inside an egg does it? It might seem impossible, but a fertilized egg has everything needed for a new life to begin. This reminds some people of how Jesus is everything we need to be saved from sin and begin new life with God. Jesus gives new life!

Can you guess what kind of animal laid this egg?

This egg will hatch into a caterpillar that grows into a beautiful butterfly. Most egg-laying animals look nothing like the eggs they hatched from. It’s like they become something totally new! This reminds some people of the new life Jesus gives. He wants to make us new on the inside so we can be part of God’s family that lasts forever! Then He wants to keep working in our lives to help us grow to know and enjoy God more. Jesus can make us new!


Eggs can remind us of these real reasons to celebrate Easter. Without Jesus we all deserve to die and be separated from God, but He can save you from sin and give you new life with God that lasts forever! [Read John 3:15.] Believing in Jesus means trusting Him to save you from sin and give you life with God that never ends because you believe that He really died on the cross and came back to life to take the punishment for your sin. You can believe in Jesus and have new life with God today. If you want to talk more about this you can meet me after the story. [Tell them when and were to meet for further discussion.]

If you’d like to have these pictures, a script, and even PowerPoint slides for use with kids in your home or church, download our “Easter Eggs Bible Lesson,” It’s free!

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