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Helping children learn about Jesus

Animal Superpowers! Object Lesson

Did you know Cuttlefish can change the color and shape of their skin and even their eyes to camouflage themselves!? In the blink of an eye, these marine masters of disguise seem to totally disappear! God created countless creatures with amazing abilities that sometimes remind us of comic book superpowers. But as awe-inspiring as these…
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Easter Egg Bible Lesson for Kids!

Lots of families and churches use Easter eggs every year, but did you know you can use frog eggs, snake eggs, turtle eggs, and even dinosaur eggs to share the truth of Christ’s resurrection and the history of Easter eggs with kids? Christians have incorporated fancy eggs into Easter celebrations for centuries and have long…
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Dinosaurs are Good News for Kids (part 3)

Kids love dinosaurs and I like using dinosaur facts, toys, pictures, and activities in Sunday School, Good News Club, AWANA, and at home to teach kids about God, the Creator. I’ve put together some FREE tips and tools to help you do it too! Kids regularly bound into church decked out in dinosaur t-shirts, backpacks,…
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It’s a tiny SNAKE!!!

Snakes are really cool so you can imagine how excited my kiddos were to discover this one in our own backyard. (The snake was initially slightly less enthusiastic about their chance encounter, but once assured that we had no intention of eating him, he became much more compliant and even rather photogenic.) I’m really thankful…
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Louder Than a Jet Engine

What animal is longer than a school bus, bigger than a dinosaur, and heavier than 25 elephants? Most kids can tell you the blue whale is well-known for its extreme size. But there are several lesser known facts about this gentle giant that will grip their attention and provide a natural opportunity to direct their…
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