Teaching Kids the Sanctity of Life

In 2019, abortion ended more than twice as many lives as cancer, alcohol, smoking, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and traffic accidents combined. This tragic loss of human life should remind us how important it is to share the truth that every person is created and loved by God.

Children need to know the immeasurable value God places on every human life. You can use Scripture, science, and hands-on activities to teach children about the sanctity of human life. Here are a couple simple activities you can use in your home, church, or community.

We’ve pulled together these ideas and resources from our free God Made Me – Resource Bundle. With these free hands-on activities you can plan a simple lesson, devotional, games, and a craft that will teach kids about the sanctity of human life.

Made In Secret

The kids in my own Sunday School class or Good News Club have always been fascinated to see the ultrasound pictures I proudly showed off as my family eagerly anticipated the birth of each of our 4 kids. This activity takes that natural interest and couples it with Scripture and science to emphasize that God knows and cares about every person BEFORE they are even born. Here’s how it works…


You can pretty easily find/create your own ultrasound picture and cards to play this game with kids, but if you want to save some time you can download the lovely visuals on the left that are a sample from the free God Made Me Resource Bundle. This makes it super simple to just print, prep, and teach kids about the sanctity of human life! Click the picture to instantly download these printable resources.





God Loves Babies

Every week I watch the kids in my home and church pretend to care for babies. My daughters and AWANA Cubbies love to feed, rock, soothe, and dress baby dolls. This activity turns this favorite playtime activity into a teachable moment about the delight and love God has for babies no matter how small or helpless they may be. Here’s how it works…

Once again, you can pretty easily create your own cards to play the games in this activity, but if you like to keep things quick and easy you can simply download and print these sample cards from the free God Made Me Resource Bundle that are already totally prepared (not to mention that they look super adorable!) Click the picture to download them instantly!




God Watched Me Grow

This final devo/craft helps kids learn about the sanctity of human life with a fun craft that teaches them various stages of a babies development in the womb. Just make a copy of this activity page for each kid in your home or classroom and then read the brief devotional with them and have fun together as you color and cut out the pieces of fruit and match them to a fun fact about unborn babies.

Kids may be surprised to learn that even when they were only the size of a blueberry, they ALREADY had their eyes, nose, brain, and tongue! This may seem a bit silly, but realizing that an unborn baby who is only the size of an apple is already a tiny person with eyes, nose, brain, bones, and ears that can already hear sound helps children recognize the truth that a baby isn’t just a clump of cells. An unborn baby is a precious human life that is fearfully and wonderfully made and should be valued and protected. 

I’m thankful to my friend, Carol, at Finding Rhythms Enjoying Life for sharing this fantastic activity from her excellent devotional, God is My Creator. Download this FREE devotional activity + craft instantly by clicking the link below.

God Watched Me Grow–God Is My Creator Devotional Activity

In addition to the printables above, you can also find FREE PowerPoint presentions and more activities to help you teach kids about being made in the image of God in our free God Made Me Resource Bundle and in lessons 7-12 of our free Enjoying God My Creator! Curriculum Kit. I hope you’ll use some of these ideas to teach kids in your home, church, or community about the sanctity of human life. Together we can help kids appreciate and enjoy the value of ALL people who are created by God.

And if you’d like some more help as you get ready to teach kids about the sanctity of human life, check out this video where I demonstrate each of these ideas.


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  1. Audrey says:

    I love that I can read the blog article, watch the video and spend a few minutes printing and have a whole lesson ready to teach kids the value of life! Great work! What well thought out and put together resources. Thanks for sharing!

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