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Helping children learn about Jesus

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? Or that he was kidnapped by pirates? Or that someone tried to poison him? I want to share lots of games, activities, songs, printables, a memory verse, and even a FREE lesson that you can use to share God’s love with kids in your home, church, or community…
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Teaching Kids the Sanctity of Life

In 2019, abortion ended more than twice as many lives as cancer, alcohol, smoking, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and traffic accidents combined. This tragic loss of human life should remind us how important it is to share the truth that every person is created and loved by God. Children need to know the immeasurable value God places…
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12 Quarantine Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been starting to have a case of the “blahs” this week (if you’re an extrovert you probably reached this point long before now!). Mostly-introvert that I am, even I’m getting weary of sameness. Maybe these play-based Bible activities will add some pizzazz to your days! We tried to…
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5 Ways to Help Kids in Anxious Times

Last week my oldest son and a couple friends were talking about ceiling fans—specifically ceiling fans falling out of the ceiling and hitting them on the head. I did my best to assure them that falling ceiling fans isn’t something they need to think or worry about. We talked about studs and sturdy construction and…
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Dinosaurs are Good News for Kids! (part 1)

“What’s your favorite dinosaur?” That’s a question most adults never ask each other. It’s like they don’t even care! Thankfully I serve in children’s ministry; the mysterious lost world where dinosaur mania is alive and well. Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and experience has taught me that talking about dinosaurs is a great way to…
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Snow Day Sunday School

What was God doing in 1901 when the vacuum cleaner was invented? He was loving YOU! Church may have been snowed out this week, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying Jesus at home as we learned about His steadfast love that has always existed–even before microwaves were invented in 1946! Going to church is…
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