Easter Egg Truth Hunt Activity

I like to plan activities during this time of year that give me opportunities to encourage kids to look beyond the bells and whistles of Easter traditions and see Jesus, our Savior King–the ultimate reason to celebrate. One of my favorite activities for Sunday School or Good News Club is the Easter Egg Truth Hunt. You can use this game to hunt down Easter truths and initiate conversations about favorite traditions with kids in your home, church, or community!

(This happens to be one of the very first games I invented as a newbie in children’s ministry way back when Pluto was still a planet. Isn’t it cute!?)

You can download this free game on our resource page. Or, you can just read the instructions below and easily make a simplified version by just writing words on paper and cramming them into plastic eggs. (That’s how I usually end of playing it since I’m such a cheapskate that I keep forgetting to replace the color ink cartridge in my printer.) Here’s how the game works…

Write or print truths about Easter and traditions used to celebrate Easter on the backs of Easter egg pictures. (This has already been done for you if you download the game from our resource page. YAY!) Be sure to think about the truths and traditions written on each egg so that you can be prepared to explain the truths to the children and guide any conversation that may arise.

Scramble the eggs and arrange them on a table or pocket chart with the egg side facing up. when you’re ready to play, divide the kids into teams and let them take turns choosing eggs to turn over. If the egg reveals an Easter TRUTH, that child’s team wins 2,000 points. If the egg reveals an Easter TRADITION, their team wins 1,000 points. The team that hunts down the most TRUTH wins the game!
You can use this as an Easter lesson for your home or Sunday School by leading the kids in looking up and reading the verse on the back of each TRUTH egg. (You could even have older kids race to find the verses and read them out loud.) Explain and discuss the truths with the kids. When a TRADITION egg is chosen, let the kid who chose it tell you one of their favorite Easter traditions. It’s easy and fun!

You can also make this a “real” Easter egg hunt by hiding the eggs throughout your teaching area ahead of time and letting the kids take turns hunting for and reading the backs of them. You could even print just the words and cram them into plastic eggs to hide outside for the kids to collect. That’s fun too! (Be sure to tell them ahead of time that there are messages, not prizes, in the eggs. Crumpled paper can be a bit of a letdown if you were expecting Skittles.)

That’s all folks! It’s really easy to prep and play, but it naturally opens up opportunities for you to share the truth of new life and joy that can only be found in Jesus!
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