A Meaningful Mother’s Day! Activities for Kids

Did you know a mother elephant seal can lose 600 pounds in one month while she’s nursing her pup!? (And now some of my readers are feeling jealous of elephant seals for the first time in their lives.) Did you know African elephants have pregnancies that last almost 2 years!? (The aforementioned readers are no longer feeling jealous.) Many animal mothers are incredible, but none of them compare to the significance of the investment made by human mothers. Here are some Mother’s Day activities for kids to help you celebrate moms and other caretakers in a meaningful way! (And the last one even briefly uses a mother elephant!)

6 Meaningful Mother’s Day Activities for Kids

Bible Mom Match Game

On a whiteboard or paper, make one column with the names of Bible mothers and another column with the children of those mothers (see list below), mixing them in random order. Let the kids take turns trying to match each Bible hero with his mom.

Bible Moms/Bible Heroes: Eve (Seth), Sarah (Isaac), Rebekah (Jacob), Leah (Judah), Jochebed (Moses), Ruth (Obed), Hannah (Samuel), Elizabeth (John the Baptist), Mary (Jesus), Eunice (Timothy)

After the game, talk briefly about the significance of these Bible characters and point out how each of these mothers played an important role in God’s great rescue plan! Some people act like taking care of kids is insignificant unimportant work, but it’s actually a very important job that changes the world! Moses was used to deliver God’s people from slavery, Samuel led God’s people as a prophet, John the Baptist prepared people to meet Jesus, Timothy served as a missionary and pastor, and the rest of these people are ancestors of Jesus Christ!

Dinosaurs Coloring Page

I grew up in a foster home; not as a foster kid, but as a bio kid with foster siblings. I’ve seen up close evidence that family holidays like Mother’s Day are rough on kids who don’t have their mom at home. Giving them crafts with messages like “Mom, You Rock!” or “Happy Mother’s Day!” can  unintentionally hurt these kids. That’s one of the reasons I made this dinosaur coloring page. It’s not “Mom” specific so it works as a craft that includes everybody. (And it has dinosaurs!!! That pretty much guarantees that this is a brilliant idea!) Click the picture to download and print copies for kids in your home or church.

Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a fun way for kids to enjoy discovering new things about Mom. Read the descriptions one at a time and have kids rush to find something to match each description. If they don’t know Mom’s favorite color, food, movie, etc. they’ll have to ask Mom for that clue. (Be sure to give Mom the list ahead of time so she can be prepared to provide kids with the clues they’ll need.) For kids who do not live with their mom, you can substitute the name of a foster parent, grandparent, or anyone else who takes care of them. Click the picture to download and print this Mother’s Day game for kids.

After the game, read Ephesians 6:2 and explain that one way to honor Mom is to get to know her and treat her like the super special person she is. When we honor the people who take care of us, we are also showing honor to God. Encourage the kids to remember what they have learned about Mom and use it to honor her in special ways. Perhaps they could use her favorite color the next time they color a picture for her or offer to help with her least favorite chore. Maybe they can help prepare her favorite food or make up a story about her favorite animal to share with her. (P.S. If you like scavenger hunts you should totally check out this other article about 5 super simple scavenger hunts with a purpose!)

“Mom Says” Game

This is basically “Simon Says,” except Mom (or another caregiver) is in charge. The kids have to listen closely and follow every instruction mom gives that begins with the words “Mom says…” Mix in silly instructions like “Mom says freeze in place,” with more practical instructions like “Mom says wash your hands,” or “Mom says put away one toy.” Afterward, read Ephesians 6:1 and explain that Mom’s instructions have authority because God has given parents authority (power) over their children. When kids obey their parents, they’re also obeying God!

Mother’s Day Bible Lesson & Craft

Since many of us will be celebrating Mother’s Day at home this year, I’ve made this Mother’s Day Bible lesson video for kids to enjoy at home. You can even download this Mother’s Day Bible Craft so kids can make their own copy of the extra cool card in this video.

Baby Animal Matching Game

After watching the video above, you can play this Baby Animal Matching Game to review and reinforce what the kids have learned. Take turns matching the baby animals with their moms to answer the questions!

You can click the various pictures and links throughout this article to access free Mother’s Day resources to your hearts content. If you want to grab most of them all from one place, you can find them in the “Mother’s Day” section of our resources page. What other fun ideas have you used to celebrate Mother’s Day with kids in a meaningful way? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments!

If you’d like a bit more explanation about some of these ideas (or if you just really like to watch me talk!) you can check out this video from our YouTube channel.

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