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Helping children learn about Jesus


What do you do to help kids understand that Thanksgiving is much more than turkey or pumpkin pie? How do you help kids develop habits of thanksgiving that extend beyond the holiday season? How can you use flashlights, scavenger hunts, hide & seek, songs, and the alphabet to teach kids about thanking God? It doesn’t…
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5 Pumpkin Praise Games for Kids

It’s pumpkin season! For the record, pumpkin spice anything is gross in my humble opinion, but I’m still pretty fond of pumpkins because it’s so easy to use them to have fun praising God with kids. You’re probably already familiar with the concept of pumpkin carving or painting, but have you ever tried pumpkin praising?…
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A Meaningful Mother’s Day! Activities for Kids

Did you know a mother elephant seal can lose 600 pounds in one month while she’s nursing her pup!? (And now some of my readers are feeling jealous of elephant seals for the first time in their lives.) Did you know African elephants have pregnancies that last almost 2 years!? (The aforementioned readers are no…
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Best Bible Games for Kids (part 2)

Kids love Bible games! I played “WILD ZERO” with my AWANA Cubbies recently. They loved acting like dinosaurs, hissing like snakes, and forming a giant ZERO with their arms. In my previous article, I explained why ZERO is one of my very favorite Bible games for kids because it’s so easy and so adaptable. It’s…
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GRACE Memory Verse Game

“Freedom isn’t free,” That’s a statement often said around Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or the 4th of July as we honor the courageous families who sacrifice so much to preserve our nation’s freedom. This same statement also rings true for grace. While saving grace is freely given to all who believe, it came at a…
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