The King of Sharks! Lesson for Kids

The King of Sharks! Lesson for Kids


The King of Sharks!

From the compact cookiecutter shark to the massive megalodon, sharks are incredible creatures that display God’s awesome creative power and wisdom in unique and wonderful ways. In this lesson children will discover amazing facts about these masters of the deep as they enjoy shark trivia along with shark-themed activities that point them toward the awesome Creator King who designed these powerful apex predators. As the kids learn about zebra sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, and the famous and fearsome great white; they will also learn about the dangerous and deadly nature of sin and hear the good news that the Lord Jesus can save them from sin.

This lesson includes printable visuals, a “Baby Shark!” memory verse game, a shark coloring page, a shark word search puzzle, PPT slides and more to help kids learn about sharks and our epic Savior and King who created and rules over all things. You may also use the video below to share this lesson with children in your home or church.



Lesson Overview

Big Idea: Jesus is the King of everything!

Key Verse: Jeremiah 10:6 “There is none like you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is great in might.”

Lesson: The King of Sharks!

Activity: Shark Search

Review Game: Shark Name Game

Lesson Sample

Prepare: Bible, Lesson Visuals (printable, PPT), sandpaper, tape measure

Do: Show the first page of shark pictures and discuss ways each shark is uniquely designed as the children guess the answers to these shark trivia questions.

  • Which of these is not the name of a real kind of shark? (Ninja Lanternshark, Lion Shark, Cookiecutter Shark, Pyjama Shark)
  • What does shark skin feel like? (Slimy, Smooth, Bumpy, Scratchy [like sandpaper])
  • Sharks have a sixth sense that you don’t have. What do they use it to detect? (Electricity, Fear, Oil, Blood)
  • How many bones does the biggest shark have? (155, 326, 1,000, 0 [Sharks are cartilaginous fish with no bones])
  • Which of these things can sharks do much faster than humans? (Swim, Heal their wounds, Regrow lost teeth, All of these things)

Say: Maybe you just learned something new about sharks. Even the scientists who study sharks have many things they don’t know about them. But there is somebody who already knows everything about sharks. Jesus is the King of everything! He created the sharks and knows all about them. (Read Genesis 1:20-23 and Colossians 1:15-17.) Could you make a real-live shark just by speaking?! Of course not! But Jesus is all-powerful and all-knowing. He has the power and wisdom to do anything he chooses to do. Jesus is God. There is nobody and nothing as great as God. Imagine how scary it would be if Jesus were bad or mean. With such power, he could be a terrifying enemy to us – much scarier than even the most dangerous shark! But Jesus is good and kind. He is holy, which means he never thinks, says, or does anything wrong. He also loves you with the most powerful love in the universe! King Jesus made you and you are precious to him. He also made all the sharks. Let’s learn more about sharks!

Do: Show the second page of shark pictures. Have the children guess which of these sharks are harmless (whale shark, zebra shark, leopard shark, bamboo shark) and which are considered among the most dangerous of all sharks (great white, bull shark, tiger shark, and oceanic white tip sharks).

Say: There are hundreds of kinds of sharks, but only about 12 of them are dangerous to humans. Most sharks are harmless, but some of these sharks can be deadly! It hasn’t always been this way. When God first created the world, it was perfect! People never got sick or hurt. Animals didn’t attack or kill people. Sadly, instead of enjoying this perfect world, the first people rebelled against God the King and wanted to rule the world their own way. When this happened, a terrible problem called sin came into the world. (Read Romans 3:23.) Sin is disobeying God the King and breaking his laws. Now the whole world was ruined by sin. People began to do bad things, suffer, and die. Some animals, like sharks, began hurting and killing each other. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The worst thing about sin is that it separated people from their loving Creator King….

Shark Trivia for Kids

  • Megalodon – This was the largest shark ever, but is now extinct. Scientists have learned about it by studying its fossilized teeth. It had 276 huge teeth!
  • Whale Shark – The largest living shark has 3,000 teeth in it’s mouth! But the teeth are very small and people have nothing to fear from this gentle giant.
  • Great White Shark – This large shark is called the great white because the underside of it is bright white although the rest of the shark’s body is grey.
  • Tiger Shark – This large shark will eat almost anything. Tiger sharks have even been found with car parts in their stomachs!
  • Hammerhead Shark – There are about 10 species of hammerheads. The smallest is 3 feet (91cm) long, but the largest can be 20 feet (6.1m) long!
  • Thresher Shark – This large shark has a long tail that it sometimes thrashes around in the water to frighten or stun prey.
  • Bull Shark – Most sharks can only live in saltwater (oceans), but this shark, which is aggressive like an angry bull, can live in freshwater (rivers) too.
  • Mako Shark – This large slender shark with a pointed snout is the fastest shark in the world and can swim up to 45 miles (72km) per hour!
  • Nurse Shark – This large shark has “barbels” on its face that look like whiskers. These help the shark locate food on the sandy ocean floor.
  • Reef Shark – There are several different kinds of reef shark. These medium sized sharks usually live and hunt near coral reefs.
  • Blue Shark – This medium sized shark is more slender than most other sharks and gets its name from the dark blue color on the top of its body.
  • Zebra Shark – This medium sized shark has dark shapes that gradually change to spots as it grows and a tail that’s as long as the rest of its body.
  • Lemon Shark – This shark isn’t bright yellow like a lemon, but parts of its body are a yellowish-brown color.
  • Leopard Shark – This beautiful shark has spots like a leopard. These spots grow paler in color as the shark grows older.
  • Goblin Shark – This scary looking shark is a pale pink color and lives deeper in the ocean than most other sharks.
  • Sawshark – This small shark has a long snout with sharp spikes on the side that thrashes in the water to attack its prey.
  • Horn Shark – This is a small slow-moving shark that has little spines in front of its dorsal fins. This shark is shy and mostly only comes out at night.
  • Cookiecutter Shark – This small shark can glow in the dark and gets its name from the round cookie-shaped bites it takes out of larger fish.


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