The Best Year Ever!

The Best Year Ever!

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The Best Year Ever!

Did you know bubble wrap and superglue were discovered by accident? This interactive trivia lesson uses things that were invented or discovered by “mistake” to help children understand that, with God, there are no mistakes. God is the eternal and powerful King who can be trusted 365 days a year! Trusting God doesn’t eliminate problems, but it is the best way to live every day of the year and every year of your life.

A variety of activities are included in this leader’s guide to help you teach children about trusting our eternal God with their lives. A memory verse coloring page, printable devotional, and game pieces for “Indoor Fireworks” are a few of the resources waiting for you in this free New Year’s Day lesson for kids. Suggested printable visuals and activity pages are included at the end of digital leader’s guide. Suggested PPT slides are included as a separate digital file.


Lesson Overview

Big Idea: Trust God! He never makes mistakes!

Key Verse: Isaiah 55:9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways.”

Lesson: The Best Year Ever!

Activity: Happy New Year Habits

Review Game: Indoor Fireworks

For this lesson, you will print and cut apart the 9 lesson visuals and 12 question cards and tape them on the pages of an old calendar. As you teach, you’ll flip through the months of the year in the calendar to show the visuals, ask the questions and look up Bible verses. Don’t worry! Instructions with pictures are included in the leader’s guide and PPT slides are also available if you’d prefer not to print, cut, and tape. To watch a demonstration of this lesson, check out the video below. (If desired, permission is given to show this video in group or classroom setting if you’d prefer to simply show the video rather than prepping and teaching the lesson yourself.)

1 review for The Best Year Ever!

  1. Brenda

    We recently did this for our Sunday School lesson which includes three year olds through 6th graders. Everyone had a blast. I only used the video but stopped it for them to guess the right answer and to look up the scripture in their own Bibles. They loved yelling out, “Trust God! He never makes mistakes!” I have always been in the background, the youth director’s wife, but now that my husband is disabled the church has been very supportive and let me take over the job. These resources are amazing and have helped me transition from behind the scenes and even better…. the kids love them! Thank you!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I’m thrilled your students enjoyed it so much. My own kids loved it too!

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