Journey to Emmaus Easter Lesson

Journey to Emmaus Easter Lesson


Journey to Emmaus Easter Lesson

Is Jesus really the promised Savior? How do we know? God’s Word has answers! In this Easter Bible lesson children will join the journey to Emmaus in Luke 24 where Jesus unpacked the pages of Scripture for his disciples to prove beyond a doubt that he really is the Son of God who died and rose again to save us from sin. We can believe in him with confidence, hope, and joy! He is risen indeed!

This interactive Easter lesson features a printable Emmaus “road” with pictures that correspond to prophecies and promises about Jesus in the Old Testament as well as printable characters for acting out the journey to Emmaus. Children will enjoy moving the travelers through the pictures on the Emmaus road as you examine God’s Word for evidence that Jesus is indeed the risen Savior of the world.

This free digital download also includes a PPT slideshow of the lesson for large groups, memory verse ideas, printable visuals, game ideas, and an interactive craft with a built-in discussion time to help you dig deeper into the truths of the lesson. This Easter lesson is a great way to help kids celebrate the Resurrection in a meaningful way.

If you would also like a 14 day family devotional guide to provide to families as a follow-up after this lesson, check out the Journey to Emmaus Easter Family Devotions guide.



Easter Lesson Overview

Big Idea: I can believe in Jesus!

Key Verse: John 20:31 “But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.”

Lesson: Journey to Emmaus

Activity: Emmaus Characters Craft

Review Game: Path Points

Lesson Sample: Have you ever gone on a journey? Maybe you’ve traveled to another city or even another state or country. We’re going on a journey with some people in the Bible. Their journey wasn’t very far, but something very important happened to them on the road that changed their lives forever. It happened on the very first Easter morning.

Do: Read Luke 24:1-7 and let the children pretend to run and look in the empty tomb. Read Luke 24:13-18 and help the children use the characters of Jesus and the travelers to act out the scene as you move them to the beginning of the road.

Say: Jesus joined these two people on their journey to Emmaus, but they didn’t recognize him. They were surprised when he asked what they were talking about. What do you think they were talking about that first Easter morning? We’re going to pretend to journey with them as we turn over the pieces of the path one at a time to discover what they talked about on their journey to Emmaus.

Do: Read Luke 24:19-24 and let children help you gradually walk the characters along the first four parts of the path as the characters discuss the person and work of Christ on their journey to Emmaus.

Jesus said and did amazing things! (miracle of healing) – These people knew Jesus had done amazing things like walking on water, stopping a storm, feeding a huge crowd, and healing many sick people. Can you think of other amazing things Jesus said or did? Long before Jesus was born, God had promised that the Savior would come from God and do amazing things! (Read Isaiah 35:4-6a.) What’s the Big Idea? I can believe in Jesus!

Jesus was honored as King! (donkey) – Just one week earlier, Jesus had ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey as people waved palm branches and praised God. Why? Because many years earlier, God had promised that he would send a great King to rescue his people and he would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. (Read Zechariah 9:9.) They wondered if Jesus was the promised great King. It happened just like God promised. What’s the Big Idea? I can believe in Jesus!

Jesus was rejected and killed! (crucifixion) – Even though Jesus was the most wonderful person ever, the leaders of Israel rejected him and killed him on a cross! Do you remember other ways they hurt Jesus when they killed him? Long before Jesus was born, God’s Word promised that the Savior would be rejected and killed to take the punishment for our sin. (Read Isaiah 53:3-5.) What’s the Big Idea? I can believe in Jesus!


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