Easter Family Devotions – Journey to Emmaus

Easter Family Devotions – Journey to Emmaus


Journey to Emmaus Easter Devotions

Welcome to the Emmaus road! Through these daily devotions your family will join the journey to Emmaus in Luke 24 where Jesus explained the Scriptures to help his disciples understand and believe that he is the promised Savior. Families can use these daily devotions to count down the days until Easter or use them for the 2 weeks after Easter to help children more fully understand the significance of the resurrection.

These Easter family devotions include a printable Emmaus “road” with pictures that correspond to prophecies and promises about Jesus in the Old Testament as well as printable characters for acting out the journey to Emmaus. Children will enjoy moving the travelers through the pictures on the Emmaus road as you examine God’s Word for evidence that Jesus is indeed the risen Savior of the world. Each day’s devotional also includes suggested reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible and a song recommendation to help your family focus on Jesus as you celebrate his resurrection.

  • 14 days of simple family devotions
  • Scripture readings that show how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy
  • Suggested reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible
  • Recommended songs for each daily devo
  • Printable characters and path for acting out the story

For a similar resource to use as a one-time lesson in your home or church, check out the Journey to Emmaus Bible Lesson.


Sample Devotionals

These are a few of the the 14 daily devotionals your family will enjoy on the journey to Emmaus. Each day begins with a brief introduction followed by a Scripture reading. Each devo also included recommended reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible and a suggested song to use as you celebrate and worship our living Savior. For your convenience, a QR code is provided in the devotional for a Spotify playlist of the songs that are recommended in this Easter devotional for families.

Day 1: The Road to Emmaus

Do you like to travel? We’re going to pretend to go on a journey with some real people in the Bible who were going to a place called Emmaus. Their journey wasn’t far, but something important happened to them on the road that changed their lives forever. They met someone they didn’t recognize and he gave them hope and joy by helping them see how God had been been using the laws, stories, and promises in his Word to get people ready for Jesus, the Savior.

Scripture Reading: Look up and read John 20:31 and Luke 24:13-18 together. Help the children use the characters of the travelers to act out the scene at the beginning of the Emmaus road.

Jesus Storybook Bible: Read “Get Ready!” (p. 170).

Worship: Sing “His Name is Jesus” by Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Day 4: Jesus was rejected and killed

The travelers were sad because even though Jesus was the most wonderful person ever, the leaders of Israel had rejected him and killed him on a cross! Do you know of other ways they hurt Jesus when they killed him? It was very sad! But it was also exactly what God had planned. Long before Jesus was born, God’s Word promised that the Savior would be rejected and killed to take the punishment for our sin. The sad travelers thought Jesus had been too great and good to die, but Jesus explained that this was God’s plan all along.

Scripture Reading: Read Luke 24:20, Acts 2:22-23, and Isaiah 53:3-5 together. Let the children move the travelers to the third picture on the Emmaus road.

Jesus Storybook Bible: Read “The Sun Stops Shining” (p. 302).

Worship: Sing “Do You Believe?” by Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Day 6: Jesus is the serpent crusher

Jesus started explaining God’s Word to the travelers to help them understand what it said about him and his mission to save the world from sin. Thousands of years ago, God created a perfect world, but do you remember what God’s enemy, Satan, did to ruin it? Satan disguised himself as a serpent and convinced the first people to disobey God instead of loving him. This brought sin, suffering, and death into the world. On that day, God made a promise that someday one of the descendants of Adam and Eve would crush Satan’s head and defeat him forever. Satan tried to tempt Jesus and kill him, but he failed! Satan loses. Jesus wins!

Scripture Reading: Read Luke 24:25-27, Genesis 3:14-15, and Hebrews 2:14. Let the children move the travelers to the fifth picture on the Emmaus road.

Jesus Storybook Bible: Read “The Terrible Lie” (p. 28).

Worship: Sing “He’s Alive, He’s Alive” by Yancy Wideman Richmond.

Day 11: Jesus is the promised Savior!

Jesus also reminded the travelers of what the prophets wrote about him. Long before Jesus was born, God had special messengers called prophets write promises called prophecies about someone who would come to save people from sin. The travelers on the Emmaus road would have known about some of these promises. We can read them in the Bible. There are hundreds of them! They were written by different people in different places at different times, but they all point to one person – Jesus Christ!

Scripture Reading: Read Psalm 22:1,7-8,16-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 together. Talk about how they point to Jesus. Let the children move the travelers forward to the tenth picture on the Emmaus road.

Jesus Storybook Bible: Read “Operation No More Tears” (p. 144).

Worship: Sing “According to the Scriptures (1 Cor. 15:3-4)” by Child Evangelism Fellowship.


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