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Have you ever wondered what role pizza played in launching me into ministry? (You’ve probably never wondered it before, but I’ll bet you’re wondering it now!) God used pizza in some pretty cool ways to teach me the importance of showing the love of Jesus to all kinds of people. Here’s an older picture of me from the days when my family used to make pizza for Jesus every Friday night. (Wasn’t I cute!?)

As you can see, it wasn’t always a very easy undertaking and sometimes it even made me nervous, but watching and helping my family serve pizza to friends from church, neighbors, obscure acquaintances, and even many complete strangers had a big impact on me.

Not only did I eventually learn how to make really fantastic whole wheat pizza dough from my mom’s world famous recipe. (Which is ironic cause I’m now gluten intolerant…and actually I can’t even eat pizza right now due to health issues…rest in pieces, Pizza, I’ll come back someday!) I also learned super valuable lessons about serving, loving, giving, and creatively showing God’s grace to all kinds of people.

Of course it wasn’t actually the pizza, it was God working through the example of my family and through my own experience to challenge, teach, and guide me into the path He planned for me…a path that would eventually lead to creatively sharing the Gospel with millions of kids. That’s something worth celebrating….oh look, it’s a picture of me celebrating!

As you can see I’ve aged well and have grown some freakishly long arms and enormous feet. I’ve also had the chance to use what I learned from making pizza for Jesus as a kid to encourage and equip thousands of Christians, churches, and missionaries around the world to have pizza parties, Easter parties, Christmas parties, and even dinosaur parties to share the love and joy of Jesus with millions of kids.

So, just how did pizza play a role in all of this? I’m so glad you asked, because I just finished our latest resource, Pizza for Jesus, that tells the rest of the story. And it doesn’t just tell the story, (where’s the fun in that?) 

it provides everything you need to plan a life-changing, grace-giving, fun-filled pizza party for kids! (Including a coloring page! Look, Mom! I’m on a coloring page! Dreams really do come true!!!)

Pizza for Jesus is just one cheesy story among many that God used to shape my life. (It also happens to be one of my favorites because it has bacon!) If you want to know the rest of the story, you can download this FREE lesson with its pizza shaped visual, memory verse, game ideas, coloring page, and tons more ideas on our resource page by following this link! (Did I mention it’s FREE? I’ll bet you never sausage a thing before!)






Here’s a sample of one of the games from this Pizza Party Kit! It doesn’t even take any prep work! (After all, people who teach kids are always bacon for simple active game ideas.)


Pizza Topping Scramble

Tell the kids they are going to pretend to build a pizza by choosing toppings one at a time. Give the kids options of two different pizza toppings and have them show you which one they prefer by going to different areas of the room. For example, you may say, “Would you choose pepperoni [point to the left] or bacon [point to the right] on your pizza?” Kids who would choose pepperoni should go to the right side and kids who would choose bacon should go to the left. Once all the children have made their choice, name two more pizza toppings as you point to different sides of the room, and have the kids move to indicate which of the new toppings they would choose.

Suggested topping options:

· Would you choose stuffed crust or thin crust?

· Would you choose onions or no onions?

· Would you choose bacon or sausage?

· Would you choose grilled chicken or green peppers?

· Would you choose mushrooms or no mushrooms?

· Would you choose pineapple or no pineapple?

· Would you choose extra cheese or extra meat?

· Would you choose extra vegetables or no vegetables?

· Would you choose extra sauce or extra bacon?

· Would you choose a BBQ sauce glaze or a garlic butter crust?

There are 10 more pizza themed game ideas in this FREE party kit–it’s hard to TOP that! (So what are you waiting for? It won’t even cost you any dough cause it’s free–so are my bad puns by the way.)

While we’re on the subject of pizza. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? (If you want to know my vote on pineapple as a pizza topping, I guess you’ll have to read “Pizza for Jesus,” the answer is on page 4.)

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