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Helping children learn about Jesus

10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

What do dinosaurs, ancient Rome, puzzles, crazy hearts, and Bible drills have in common? You can use them all to prepare Valentine’s Day games, activities, songs, and stories to celebrate God’s love with kids! Valentine’s Day is a lovely opportunity to teach kids about God’s love! Here are ten ready-to-go ideas to help you incorporate…
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5 Easy Ways to Teach Kids with Your Smartphone

My smartphone is one of my favorite tools for teaching kids. I recently decided to ask some other parents, missionaries, and Sunday School teachers how they use their phones to enhance their teaching and I got some pretty great feedback. “Sound effects! I was teaching with a friend and she found a sound effect the…
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Pizza Party for Jesus!

Have you ever wondered what role pizza played in launching me into ministry? (You’ve probably never wondered it before, but I’ll bet you’re wondering it now!) God used pizza in some pretty cool ways to teach me the importance of showing the love of Jesus to all kinds of people. Here’s an older picture of…
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A “Thank You!” Game for Kids

My Party girl is belting out “CHICKA-DEE-DEE-DEE!” along with the birds and frogs as they herald the arrival of spring! My allergies join the chorus with reckless abandon as I relax in a lawn chair pushing my darling daughter on the swing. For my kids, spring time might as well be “swing time.” All of…
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Easy Games for Looooooong Road Trips

“Mom! He’s looking at me again!” “Dad! Her left thumbnail just crossed the invisible yet clearly defined boundary that separates my area of the couch from hers.” “Mom! I know the baby is screaming at the top of her lungs in a rear-facing car seat that situates her mouth less than 3 feet from your…
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