Gospel Caterpillars Preschool Craft

Is there anything more alluring to a group of preschoolers than bottles of glue and colorful pom-poms? I think not! Here’s a fun, easy craft for your preschool crowd that is also a fun, easy, and kind of cute way to share the Gospel with them!

Preschoolers do best with multi-sensory activities, and this one fits the bill really well because their hands are occupied, their mouths can repeat Gospel truths while they craft, and YOU get an opportunity to share the best news in the world with them! 

This idea was shared with us by a ministry friend (hi, Rachel!) who developed and used it in her own ministry. Thanks for sharing your creative idea with us! Click the picture below to instantly download this FREE printable for use with kids in your own home or preschool Sunday School class.

To make this craft happen, here’s all you need to do.

  • Copy the printable on cardstock for each child.
  • Cut apart the caterpillars and sort by color
  • Gather supplies…(five yellow, black, red, white, and green pom-poms per child, glue, and googly eyes if desired)
  • Make sure you have enough helpers! (If you’re short on pom-poms or helpers, you can also do this craft by simply having the kids use crayons to color in each section of the caterpillar. It’s not quite as fuzzy that way, but it’s still fun and requires less prep.) 

Now for the fun!

  • Starting with the yellow bookmarks, have helpers (or children, depending on how old they are and how brave you are) put dots of glue on blank sections of the yellow caterpillar and affix one pom-pom on each dot.
  • While children are doing this, have them repeat the key phrase on the bookmark (God loves me) in fun ways (loud voice, soft voice, dino voice, etc). If you can, share some other truths about God too—that He made everything and everyone, loves them, always does right, is the King of everything, etc.
  • If you want to extend your class time, after finishing the first caterpillar sing a song about God like “The God of Wow” by Sovereign Grace Music or “God Made Me” by Slugs and Bugs.
  • Continue making the rest of the caterpillars in the following order: black, red, white, and green.

More fun ideas!

  • You could add a song or activity that goes along with the key phrase after making each caterpillar.
  • You could give a name to each caterpillar and have it “help” you share Gospel truths with the children after you make each caterpillar.
  • You could have the kids pretend to crawl their finished caterpillars around the room while you repeat the Gospel truth each caterpillar represents together
  • Send a note home with parents encouraging them talk to their children about the Gospel at home.

If you use this craft, tell us how it went in the comments!



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