10 Bible Time Family Favorites

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

I enjoy lots of things. Reading. Coffee. Friends. A good movie. Kid snuggles. Sleep. Not necessarily in that order. One thing I REALLY enjoy is learning about new resources to help me and my kids know and enjoy Jesus more. So, Nathan and I put our heads together and here are some of our favorite things! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite on this list.

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
This one retains its spot as #1 on our shelves and the #1 go-to when we need a Bible storybook for little kids (and bigger ones too).

What We Love: The stories are beautifully written, and each story ends by pointing to the Savior. The subtitle of the book is “Every Story Whispers His Name” and it does a great job pointing to Jesus as the hero of every story. The very first story talks about how the Bible isn’t a book of rules, and is full of people who are actually not very heroic or worthy of emulating. But Jesus is who the Bible is all about! Not only do we love it as parents, our kids love it too! One of our favorite traditions with The Jesus Storybook Bible is to read one story a day from December 1-25 (the 25th story is Christmas). You can even sign up to download Christmas ornaments to go with each day.

The Ology: Ancient Stories Ever New by Marty Machowski
This book is a newer addition on our shelves, but it quickly made its way to top 5 ranking.

What we love: It is theology for little ones. It starts with “The Ology of God” and moves through sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, etc. The pictures are beautiful and illustrate a concept from each chapter. The chapters/sections are only one or two pages long at the most, perfect for short attention spans. The explanations and illustrations are written to connect with kids and make them think. We’ve had some great conversations as we’ve read through The Ology. I know we’ll be coming back to this one as the kids grow.

Seeds Family Worship
We love hearing our kids sing these Scripture songs set to fun, engaging music!

What we love: Putting anything to music is one of the best ways to memorize, and these Scripture songs from Seeds Family Worship make Scripture memory a cinch! The songs are fun and catchy. They are also available on YouTube, CD, DVD… any format that works best for your family.

Everyone a Child Should Know by Clare Heath-Whyte
52 biographies of famous Christians, written for little kids.

What we love: I’ve loved missionary biographies since I was a kid (that’s part of what inspired me to want to be a missionary myself) and I wanted to pass that love on to my boys. When I saw this book, I thought it looked interesting. Each biography is only a page, with a full-page illustration of the person on the other side. It took consistency on my part, but my then 5- year-old really started getting into the stories (at one point he called this his favorite book). It’s a great way to introduce young children to heroes of the faith and hopefully spark interest in learning more as they get older.

Getty Kids Hymnal series by Keith & Kristyn Getty
A series of five CDs and sheet music for kids.

What we love: The Gettys do a wonderful job writing modern hymns and also bringing fresh life to classics. I enjoy the Getty Kids Hymnal series because it takes classic hymns and new hymns and puts them into fresh arrangements the whole family can enjoy. They often have kids singing the hymns too. We do listen to the CDs, but one of my favorite parts is the sheet music books to go with the CDs. I want my boys to grow up knowing the hymns of the faith, so I bought the Family Hymn Sing sheet music book. I love hymnals, but there are hundreds of songs in hymnals! So many choices! So, I’ve incorporated the Family Hymn Sing book into our homeschool. It’s only 13 choices, the music is simple if I want to play it on the piano, and it includes newer favorites from the Gettys as well as classic hymns. I pick a hymn and we sing it for a month. As they get older, we’ll add more verses, but they’re getting an introduction to the great hymns of the faith. And it’s super cute when they sing together. 😊

Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley
The title says it all!

What we love: This book has lots of really practical tips for developing a Bible-loving culture in your home. Whether you have toddlers or teens, Danika has tips to help you implement Bible reading and other spiritual disciplines in your home. I really enjoyed reading it and we’ve been implementing some of her strategies into our Bible time. If you want to read the Bible with your kids but aren’t sure how or where to start, this book is a great resource!

God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell
This book is part of the “Tales That Tell the Truth” series and focuses on God’s very good idea for the people in his world.

What we love: This book is not just beautifully illustrated and fun to read—it is a clear presentation of God’s good and wonderful plan to fill the earth with people of different colors, sizes, and interests. It’s also an amazing Gospel presentation and encourages kids to look forward to when his Very Good Idea is consummated in the new heavens and new earth. This book helps children see everyone as made in God’s image and teaches them to celebrate the ways God has made us unique.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer by Laura Wifler
This book is part of the “Tales That Tell the Truth” series and helps children learn the basics of prayer.

What we love: This book comes from trusted author Laura Wifler, co-author of Risen Motherhood. In this book she helps young children know what it means to talk to God, and helps give a foundation for a prayer life. It’s been so fun to watch my oldest grow in his prayer life in the past few months and resources like this help me teach him more about prayer!

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures series
This series of 5 DVDs from Answers in Genesis follows Buddy Davis as he has some truly amazing adventures discovering God’s creation.

What we love: My boys LOVE this series. The videos are extremely well done and engage even my toddler. Buddy Davis goes “on location” to dinosaur digs, caves (be careful with that one if you are claustrophobic…), swamps, and the wilds of Alaska to explain Creation to kids in a way that they understand and can remember. They’re fun and interesting for our whole family to watch… I’ve learned a lot too!

Enjoying God My… series by Kids Enjoying Jesus
We couldn’t make this list without including our own stuff! 😊

What we love: We really wrote the book we wanted for our own families—play-based, short, biblically sound activities to use with children to teach them about our amazing God. The series so far includes Enjoying God My Creator, Enjoying God My King, and Enjoying God My Shepherd (coming soon!). The activity text is FREE and a Resource Bundle can be purchased to make teaching so easy! We are using these in both our churches for children’s ministry too. We also have Enjoying Advent! for Christmas, and stay tuned for a couple others that we have in the works that should be coming soon.

We have LOTS of favorite things! This list is not exhaustive. We could wax eloquent about how handy the YouVersion Bible App is for letting our littles listen to God’s Word, how fascinated our older kids are by the Bible Project videos, or how simple it is to listen to The New City Catechism songs on the app while we whisk up waffles with our kiddos. But I’ll stop here for now and give YOU a turn to share a few of YOUR favorite things.

Talk to us!

Do you have favorite resources that help you and your kids know and enjoy Jesus? Please share in the comments! And check out our Pinterest page (Kids Enjoying Jesus) to see all these resources in one place.

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