God’s Love – Too Big To Measure!

Do you know how wide the biggest waffle in the world was? Do you know how long a Stegosaurus tail spike could be? You can measure out BIG things like dinosaurs, world records, and more to teach kids an object lesson about God’s BIG love! This object lesson is adapted from lesson 16 of our FREE Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit, so if you’d like even MORE ideas, be sure to check out our Enjoying God My Shepherd! resources.

This object lesson is a fun way to engage your whole family in family devotions or you can use it as a lesson in Sunday School. If you want to see how I did it with my own kids, check out the video at the end of this article and then grab your tape measure and a Bible and use the instructions below to do this activity with your family.

Too Big To Measure! Object Lesson

Prepare: Bible, tape measure

Do: Use a tape measure to measure several children and let them help you measure several items. You can also use the tape measure to measure out the length of interesting items such as a T-rex tooth (6-12 inches), the world’s largest waffle (8 feet across), mammoth tusk (10-15 feet), world’s largest flower bloom (3 feet across), Stegosaurus tail spike (2 feet), or the world’s longest mustache (14 feet).

Say: Can you think of some things that are too big to measure with a tape measure? (Oceans, planets, stars, etc.) God’s love is bigger than all those things put together—it’s impossible to measure! (Read Psalm 103:11.) How high up does outer space go above the earth? It just keeps going and going for millions and billions and trillions of miles! No one has been able to measure just how big outer space really is. Sometimes you might feel like your sin is too big or too bad for God to keep loving you, but that’s not true. He knows you NEVER deserve his love, but he NEVER gets tired of loving you because he is GRACIOUS. Being gracious means showing love to people who don’t deserve it. Even though we’ve done nothing to deserve it, God loved us with a love too big to imagine by sending Jesus Christ to rescue us from sin and give us new life with God. (Read Ephesians 2:4-7.) Because of his BIG love, God sent his perfect Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and be punished for our sins instead of us. If you have believed in Jesus to save you from sin, God will NEVER stop loving you with his enormous, gracious love no matter how many times you mess up. In fact, he’s looking forward to showing you his enormous, gracious love forever and ever in Heaven someday. If you’ve already trusted Jesus to save you from sin, thank him for his immeasurably BIG love. Whenever you see something BIG, remember God’s love is BIGGER! If you’ve never believed in Jesus to save you from sin before, stop and think about how much love he showed for you when he sent Jesus to take the punishment you deserve for sin. He promises that if you will trust that Jesus really is God’s Son who really did die on the cross and come back to life to save you from your sin, you will be saved from sin and he will love you forever. You can believe in Jesus to save you from sin today and enjoy God’s love that’s way too BIG to measure.

Respond: Go outside and look up at the sky (or encourage the children to do so in the near future) and notice how humongous and immeasurable it is. Take turns praying or sing songs together to thank God for loving you with an immeasurable love that’s higher, wider, and bigger than the sky.

Idea: If time allows, use an extra big measuring tape to keep measuring MORE BIG THINGS (ideas below) with the kids and reading a Bible verse about God’s BIG gracious love after you measure each object! (Possible verses include: Psalm 103:8, Psalm 86:15, Exodus 34:6, Joel 2:13, Psalm 145:8, Jonah 4:2b, Nehemiah 9:17b, Ephesians 1:7.)

  • World’s Largest Donut (16 feet)
  • World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie (20 feet)
  • World’s Longest Snake (32 feet)
  • World’s Largest Ice Cream Sandwich (34 feet)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (40 feet)
  • Semi Truck with Trailer (70 feet)
  • Apatosaurus (a really cool long-necked dinosaur) (80 feet)
  • Blue Whale (100 feet)

God’s Love is Immeasurable!

The gracious and merciful love of God is WAY too big to measure! I hope you’ll enjoy using this play-based activity to teach kids about God’s immeasurable love. My own family enjoyed this fun object lesson and even helped me make a video to share it with kids in other families and churches. Check it out below!

That’s all there is too it! I hope your family or church enjoys this play-based object lesson about God’s love as much as mine did. Want more ideas? I’d LOVE to help you teach your kids even more about God’s BIG love by giving you our free Enjoying God My Shepherd! Curriculum Kit. This free kit includes 24 lessons for kids with Bible lessons, coloring pages, memory verses, game ideas, printable devo pages and more help children know and enjoy God as their loving Good Shepherd.

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    I enjoyed teaching this lesson because it tells us how much GOD loves us!

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