Back to School Bible Lesson for Kids

Kids across the country are heading back to school to learn reading, writing, and all kinds of other stuff. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach them about God who never needs to learn because he already knows EVERYTHING. God knows EVERYTHING about animals, colors, the Bible, cartoons, and kids. That’s a super important truth for kids to learn, God knows EVERYTHING about YOU and he invites YOU to KNOW him! I want to show you how to use chameleon spit, snotbots, and kangaroo hands to teach this timeless truth to kids!

So, how does it work? It’s easy—just ask some random trivia questions to grab the kids’ attention and use that as a springboard to dive into Scripture and talk about our awesome God who knows everything. (You don’t necessarily have to ask ALL the questions, but please don’t skip the one about chameleon spit. It’s my favorite!)  Be sure to have a Bible handy so you can read and discuss the Bible verses between each round. Depending on the size and age of your group, you may want to have them all simply shout out their response to each question or you could divide them into teams and have them work together to decide what their answer will be.

If you REALLY love this idea, you can download our FREE “What Do You Know?” Bible lesson to get instructions, a sample script, teaching ideas, and 40+ colorful slides to help you teach this back to school Bible lesson to kids in your home or Sunday School! Now let’s go!

What Do You Know?
Back to School Bible Lesson for Kids!

Say: Do you know what a snotbot is? Do you know which dinosaur had the biggest head? I’ve got lots of questions like this and I want to see how many of the answers you already know. I’m going to ask four rounds of questions and let you guess the answers. After you try to answer all the questions in each round, I’ll tell you the correct answers so you can see if you were right or not. (Note: Be careful not to scroll to far ahead and reveal the answers before everyone has a chance to guess as you ask the questions.)

Round 1 Questions

Round 1 Answers

Say: Maybe you just learned something you didn’t know before. Did you know that never happens to God? He never learns anything new because He already knows everything. God is omniscient. “Omni” means all and “science” means knowledge, so omniscience means “all knowing.” God knows everything in the past, present, and future! I have a lot more questions for you, but first I want to read a Bible verse about some things God knows about YOU. Listen closely and see if you can tell me what they are. [Read Psalm 139:1-4 from your Bible.] What things did the Bible say God knows about you? (To extend this lesson and make it even more interactive, you can have kids draw or write down what these verses say God knows about them.) God knows when you sit down and get up. He knows your thoughts and words even before you do! He knows about everything you think and do! Let’s all shout, “God knows everything!” Now it’s time to ask more questions and find out what YOU know.

Round 2 Questions

Round 2 Answers

Say: I’ve got more questions to see how much you know, but first I want you to listen to some more words from the Bible to discover more things God knows about you. [Read Psalm 139:13-16.] What things did this say God knows about you? (To extend this lesson and make it even more interactive, you can have kids draw or write down what these verses say God knows about them.) God put your body together. He knows everything about you inside and out. He even knows your future! God is omniscient – he is “all-knowing”. The Bible says God had everything that would ever happen to you written down before you were even born! Let’s all shout, “God knows everything!” Now let’s check out some more questions to see how much you know.

Round 3 Questions

Round 3 Answers

Say: Most people wouldn’t know the answers to all of these questions. Even the smartest people in the world have millions and billions of things they don’t know, but God knows everything. God is omniscient. Let’s all shout, “God knows everything!” He knows all about everything in the universe. He knows everything about you, even things you do that you think no one else sees. Knowing that God knows everything can bring a lot of comfort to you! But sometimes it might make you feel uneasy because God even knows the times when you don’t do what’s right and you sin. He knows the times your heart is angry at someone else. He knows when you look at things that aren’t pure or right. He knows we’re weak and can’t do right all the time. [Read Psalm 103:14.] God knows all of that, and yet still loves us! He knows that life without Him isn’t really life at all. He knows you need Him. He also knows the perfect way for you to be with Him forever! Jesus, God’s Son, died on a cross for your sin and came alive again on the third day so you can be with God forever! [Read John 20:31.] This verse says you can believe in Jesus and have new life with God. Believing in Jesus means trusting he really is God’s perfect Son who really came to earth and died and rose again to take the punishment you deserve for sin. After we’re done with this game, I’d love to tell you more about believing in Jesus and knowing him forever. But first, I have one more set of questions for you!

Round 4 Questions