Ten Questions to Ask Kids After Church

Sunday morning can be a busy time for families. In all the hubbub of making sure everyone has their shoes on (not to mention pants!), listening to the sermon, chatting with friends, loading back in the car, and feeding everyone lunch afterward, it can be easy to totally lose touch with what kids are experiencing and learning at church.

We should be eager to watch kids grow in their faith and intentional about helping them along the way. One way to do this is asking simple questions after church to initiate spiritual conversations with them. You can ask them on the ride home from church, during lunch afterward, at family devotions before bed, or at any point throughout the week to connect with kids about their walk with God. Not sure what to ask? Here are ten questions to pick from to help you get started.

Ten Questions to Ask Kids After Church

1. Do you have any questions about God or the Bible today?

2. What’s something you learned about at church recently?

3. Can you say a verse you have learned recently?

4. What’s something you have been praying about this week?

5. What was your favorite part of church this week?

6. What have you been reading in your Bible?

7. Did anything happen at church that you didn’t understand?

8. How have you been reminded that God loves you this week?

9. How have you been reminded that God is awesome this week?

10. How can we pray for you this week?

You don’t have to ask all ten of these questions at once. I intentionally scatter questions like these into conversations with my kids throughout the week. I also encourage my kids to ask ME these same questions. The accountability is good for all of us. If you’re interested in printing out these questions, click here, and if you’re curious about how my family implements these questions into an ice cream flavored family tradition, click here.

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