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GRACE Memory Verse Game

“Freedom isn’t free,” That’s a statement often said around Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or the 4th of July as we honor the courageous families who sacrifice so much to preserve our nation’s freedom. This same statement also rings true for grace. While saving grace is freely given to all who believe, it came at a…
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How to Make an Amazing Animals Memory Verse Game

God created animals with amazing abilities that fascinate kids of all ages! This game is a fun way to captivate kids and showcase the Savior’s supreme creativity while you repeat memory verses about God’s creative power and wisdom. Making the Game! With a little research you can find some mind-blowing facts that magnify the creative…
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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas with Purpose

The real story of Saint Patrick is far more than good luck and leprechauns! Extraordinary legends surround the life of this remarkable missionary who preached the Gospel in Ireland during the fourth century. Captured by pirates as a teen and sold as a slave in Ireland, Patrick found comfort and courage in God’s love and…
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