How to Make an Amazing Animals Memory Verse Game

God created animals with amazing abilities that fascinate kids of all ages! This game is a fun way to captivate kids and showcase the Savior’s supreme creativity while you repeat memory verses about God’s creative power and wisdom.

Making the Game!

With a little research you can find some mind-blowing facts that magnify the creative power and genius of Jesus. (Bats that whisper, lizards that run on water, and crocs with the world’s most powerful bite!) Find some cool animal actions and write them on cards for the kids to turn over and read. No time for research? No problem! I’ve already done it for you. Here are some of my favorite amazing animal abilities that just happen to be simple for kids to imitate.

Suggested Amazing Animal Actions

· Pistol Shrimp CLAP their claw to shoot bubbles!

· Sloths move so SLOWLY that plants can grow on them!

· Secretary Bird STOMP on dangerous snakes!

· Barbastelle Bats can WHISPER!

· Kangaroos can’t walk. Their legs are made to HOP!

· Flamingos can STAND ON ONE FOOT when they’re asleep!

· The Wood Frog can FREEZE solid without dying!

· Spinner Dolphins can SPIN around in the air!

You can write these out and make the action words BIGGER so kids can easily figure out what you want them to do while they say the verse. Or you can save time by visiting our resource page to download the FREE “Amazing Animal Actions” instructions and printables pictured in this article.

Getting Started!

Put the cards face down on a table or hold them face down in your hand. Get the kids interested in your verse by having them turn over one card and saying something like…

“Each of these cards has a cool animal fact on the back of it. This card says some frogs can freeze solid and still survive! Can you pretend to freeze? Only God has the wisdom and power to make animals with such incredible abilities. We’re going to use amazing animal actions to help us learn a memory verse about God our creator.”

Now you’re ready to read and explain the verse to the kids! (Tips about how to do this are included in the downloadable instructions for this game.) This game works great with verses about God being the creator like Genesis 1:1; Psalm 19:1; Psalm 95:6; Jeremiah 32:17; John 1:3; Romans 1:20; Romans 11:33; or Colossians 1:16.

Playing the Game!

After you have taught the verse, it’s game time! Let the kids take turns turning cards over, reading the animal action on the card and leading the group in doing that action while everyone says the verse together. Repetition is essential to learning and games make it WAY more fun! Be sure to play along–you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to freeze like a North American Wood Frog! In between each round, point the kids back to Jesus by reminding them each of these remarkable abilities were planned, designed, and sustained by His wisdom and power.

After the Game!

Once you’ve finished this activity, you can lead the kids further into enjoying Jesus by using the magic of modern technology to show them videos or pictures of these amazing animals! Click here to see a playlist of short videos from the web that showcase some of these animals and the remarkable abilities God gave them. You could even build a blanket fort while you talk about God building the entire universe and everything in it and then sit in your blanket fort while you watch these videos. (This is a great activity for family devos by the way!)

God displays His attributes marvelously through creation! This game is a fun way to help kids enjoy Jesus in Sunday School, Good News Club, or even your own home as they learn a verse about creation and discover some of the epic examples of the Creator’s awesomeness! (And maybe even build a blanket fort–or play with blocks or playdough–while they watch videos afterward.) You could turn this into a full-blown Sunday School lesson!

If you want more ideas for using amazing animals to point kids to Jesus check out this article about Amazing Animals that Point Kids to God. I’d also love to read any ideas YOU have used in the comments below.

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