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Helping children learn about Jesus

It’s a tiny SNAKE!!!

Snakes are really cool so you can imagine how excited my kiddos were to discover this one in our own backyard. (The snake was initially slightly less enthusiastic about their chance encounter, but once assured that we had no intention of eating him, he became much more compliant and even rather photogenic.) I’m really thankful…
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Think Skink

My beloved boy left the back door open this morning and unwittingly welcomed a cold blooded intruder into our house. Upon discovering the beady-eyed interloper, my son leapt into action and captured him inside a boot. Thankfully this particular visitor was only about 6 inches long and quite easily overpowered. With the trespasser safely contained,…
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Amazing Animals that Point Kids to God

From lizards that run on water to luminescent sharks, we are literally surrounded by epic object lessons that will help kids discover and enjoy the majesty and power of Jesus! Most kids are fascinated by extremes in nature. The biggest, smallest, fastest, oldest, or even deadliest specimens capture their attention and meld into their memory.…
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Louder Than a Jet Engine

What animal is longer than a school bus, bigger than a dinosaur, and heavier than 25 elephants? Most kids can tell you the blue whale is well-known for its extreme size. But there are several lesser known facts about this gentle giant that will grip their attention and provide a natural opportunity to direct their…
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