Love God Most-Training Manual

Love God Most-Training Manual


Love God Most – Training Manual

This free book provides Biblical teaching, inspiration and practical ideas for parents and teachers to help children who have already believed in Jesus to grow in their relationship with the God who saved them. You can help children develop a heart that loves God most of all!

This booklet is a small group/self-training resource designed to help you as you teach (formally), talk (informally) and walk (live out) the truths of God’s Word to children. Our prayer is that as you work through the various sections of this book, not only your skills in communicating truth from God’s Word to children will develop, but also that your life and personal relationship with him will be enriched.

We’re thankful to our friends in ministry who developed this resource and have graciously allowed us to freely share it with others.



It is recommended that you use this training manual in conjunction with the ideas, lessons, and activities available in the FREE “Enjoying God” series from Kids Enjoying Jesus. This series will provide instructions and ideas that you can use to implement the concepts from this training manual as you help children enjoy God as their Creator, King, and Shepherd!

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