Enjoying God My King!

Enjoying God My King!

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Enjoying God My King! Activity Guide

Enjoying God My King! is packed with 90+ hands-on activities to help families and churches teach kids about God the King of the universe! This activity guide is written by parents for parents to help them know what to prepare, what to say, and what to do as they use crowns, cardboard castles, treasure hunts, animals, and many other engaging elements to enjoy God the King with their kids.  It’s also great for Sunday School, Children’s Church, homeschool, or anywhere you teach kids about God. Most of the activities use common items from your kitchen or backyard and can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

This flexible activity guide can help you plan…

  • meaningful games to use in Sunday School
  • devotional ideas for family Bible time
  • Bible curriculum for your homeschool
  • ideas to supplement your current curriculum
  • activities for your community outreach
  • creative experiences for your homeschool group

A wide variety of activities are included so you can pick and choose whatever works best for your unique situation. Sample schedules are included to help you combine multiple activities and create full-length lessons that you can use in Sunday School or other children’s ministries.

Download your FREE digital copy today! (Printed copies available on Amazon.)

If you enjoy this FREE resource, please consider purchasing the EGMK! Resource Bundle of printables, coloring pages, and PPT slides that to support our ministry AND make it easier on yourself to prep and plan the activities in Enjoying God My King!

4 reviews for Enjoying God My King!

  1. Nguyen Duc Trung

    It is a good tool to share Gospel to children

  2. Fiona

    Simple n really good.. God Bless

  3. fredia Lourens

    Thank you and Blessings

  4. Nathan Obinchu

    Jesus is good to me

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