Jesus Is King – Resource Bundle

Jesus Is King – Resource Bundle


Jesus Is King- Resource Bundle

This resource bundle for Theme 3 of Enjoying God My King! includes Bible-based printable visuals, coloring pages, PPT files, and more to help children understand that Jesus is the Savior King who God promised to send. He reigns supreme and rescues people from sin!

Enjoying God My King! is an activity guide with 90+ play-based activities for children organized into 4 themes. (Resource bundles for all 4 themes are available on our resources page.) This resource bundle for Theme 3, “Jesus Is King” can help you lead children in your family or church in dozens of simple hands-on lessons designed to show children that Jesus is the promised Savior King who can rescue them from sin. This “Jesus Is King” Resource Bundle includes printables and PPT files for dozens of activities like…

  • Messages from God – Explore key prophecies about the promised Messiah and how they all point to Jesus the King!
  • The Impossible Story – Work together to write a story that shows how remarkable it is that ALL God’s promises about Jesus came true!
  • Rescue Plan Scavenger Hunt – Search for simple reminders of the love Jesus showed for us when he took the punishment for our sin.

Instructions for using the printables and PPT files in this “Jesus Is King” resource bundle are located in Theme 3 of the Enjoying God My King! activity guide, which is also included as part of this digital download. This resource bundle also includes the printable 4-week children’s devotional, God is My King!


It’s important for children to know that Jesus was promised and prophesied about before he came to earth. They need to know that the Scriptures were fulfilled in his first coming, which gives us confidence in his promise to come a second time. Children also need to know what happened to Jesus, the King, when he was crucified and then rose again. This theme will give you plenty of opportunities to share the Gospel as you talk about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

This FREE “Jesus Is King” resource bundle for Theme 3 of Enjoying God My King! includes these digital files:

  • Enjoying God My King! Activity Guide
  • EGMK! Theme 3 Resource Bundle – Jesus Is King
  • EGMK! Theme 3 PPT Slides
  • God Is My King! Devotional

Due to large file sizes, this product will be delivered as several PDF and zip files. You will receive an email with links to download and save each file. After downloading all the desired files, unzip the PPT slide file to view and use the PPT slideshows.


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