A New Heart Object Lesson

A New Heart Object Lesson

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Valentine’s Day is a lovely opportunity to share the Gospel with kids! This simple heart-themed object lesson teaches kids that God can forgive their sin and give them a new heart because someone with a perfect heart, Jesus, died in their place. This download includes visual instructions, a sample script, and discussion questions. Just gather a marker, scissors, a piece or paper, and your Bible and you’ll be ready to share this Valentine’s Day Gospel object lesson with kids in your home or church.

¡También disponible en español!

Check out the demonstration of this object lesson in the video below!



4 reviews for A New Heart Object Lesson

  1. Gabriela

    I taught this to some kids (ages 5-9) and they loved it! It kept them engaged and focused, while teaching them solid truth from the Bible about our hearts compared to Jesus’. When SIN disappeared from the paper heart, they were all shocked and amazed! We all had so much fun, I am looking forward to being able to teach it again.

  2. Wendy McCart

    I used this in our Children’s Church lesson last month. The kids loved it. It was engaging and provides solid biblical truth.

  3. Carol

    thank you for sharing this great story of the love of God and the sin that separates us and simplify it for the children. what an amazing tool to use. God continue to favour and bless your ministry as you empower people like us to reach thy children of the world. God bless

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You’re welcome! Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing the Gospel with kids!

  4. Nang Zi Ram

    I’m planning on sharing God’s love.

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