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Helping children learn about Jesus

Stepping Over the Fences

Can you picture two young black American girls playing and having the time of their lives with a German white elderly couple? A sweet friendship formed because of the innocence and curiosity of two little girls and the kindness extended by the Wagners. We called them our Oma and Opa, they were our German grandparents…
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Ten Ways to Love Kids in Crisis

“I’m afraid Dad is going to die,” He sobbed as he poured out his worries about the crisis that had invaded his childhood. This kid was scared, confused, and hurting. This kid is also my own son. In more than a decade of children’s ministry, I’ve worked with many kids experiencing a crisis in their…
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5 Ways to Help Kids in Anxious Times

Last week my oldest son and a couple friends were talking about ceiling fans—specifically ceiling fans falling out of the ceiling and hitting them on the head. I did my best to assure them that falling ceiling fans isn’t something they need to think or worry about. We talked about studs and sturdy construction and…
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Pain, Pleasure, and Pizza

My beloved boy noticed that last week was particularly difficult and painful so yesterday he snuck into my room and hung this picture from the ceiling and told me, “Now when you’re laying here in your bed, you can look up and see this pizza and be encouraged.” So I’m laying here, looking at the…
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What Did Jesus Look Like?

“Daddy, is Jesus brown?” My princess asked as I put her to bed (It’s amazing how theologically curious my offspring suddenly become when it’s time for lights out.) If you teach kids, maybe you’ve also been asked some variation of the question, “What did Jesus look like?” Even kids who never go to church often…
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Finding Fun in Suffering

“When I grow up, I want to be a daddy so I can lay in bed with snuggly blankets.” That’s the grand ambition of my pint sized princess. Chronic health problems have their benefits I guess. It’s kinda embarrassing that my princess views me this way, but I’m also thankful God has enabled me to…
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